3 WhatsApp Alternatives You Must Try


WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular web based messaging service. They way WhatsApp grew and made it’s place in the hearts of the users is really commendable. In Fact it was WhatsApp who opened the whole segment of instant messaging services and made a huge revenue of it. After the release of WhatsApp many new services launched themselves, ... Read More »

5 Best Open Source eCommerce Platforms


As a previous article has proven, the increase in internet use boosts the need for eCommerce websites. With more and more people accessing the internet using the biggest variety of tools – desktop and portable computers, tablets and smartphones – the importance of offering them a tool to help them buy your products becomes critical. But it’s also important to ... Read More »

Taking Pride in Home Ownership


There are few things in life that can make you more proud than being the owner of your very own home. It is one of the top three things found on the typical American’s list of most important achievements. It comes right after finding someone to love and landing the dream job. Once you have secured steady employment, and perhaps ... Read More »

The hike in internet usage, increases the demand of the e-commerce sites


The upcoming trend of students is now transforming into a technology lover. If a person needs something, they now don’t fetch for the information in the books but they simply use their search engine named Google. It is the best help for any user out here. Every minute detail is provided on this search engine. “Getting online” has now turned ... Read More »