TorGuard VPN for Total Anonymity – Review

Review – TorGuard VPN Allow me to introduce you guys to a tool that will protect your data from every attacker out their on the internet. TorGuard VPN is a must use tool to protect your privacy from data sniffer and hackers. With this review, we intend to explore the awesome services provided by TorGuard VPN and tell you the ... Read More »

Mobikwik Service to Recharge and Pay Bills – Review

Review: Mobikwik App What will you do, when your are in a remote area where you are not having a stable internet connection and your mobile balance becomes zero or you need to urgently pay a bill for a service like Electricity, Gas or DTH? With this post, I intend to introduce you to an app, that can solve your ... Read More »

Hostoople Web Hosting With 30 days Money Back Guarantee -Review

Review – Hostoople Web Hosting There are a lot of big brands in the hosting service provides, but only a few who really provide quality service to the user. Most of the webmasters make a wrong decision about the selection of hosting service provider, and suffer heavy losses later, as they get to face complex interface and slow response from ... Read More »

Past Scandals are Coming Back to Haunt Major Banks

Large U.S. banks are finding the billions of dollars they paid in recent years to settle lawsuits and fix broken businesses are coming back to haunt them in another place, and that place is in their capital investments. Under the new global rules known as “Basel III”, banks like JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup must hold more capital to account for ... Read More »

Understanding slurry pumps

Slurry refers to a mixture of liquid, usually water and oil, and solids such as sand, coral, sediment, and pulverized stone. Slurry is common in industries that do a lot of drilling, such as mining, waste water treatment, construction, and oil and gas drilling. To enable workers to continue with the project, the slurry must be pumped out through the ... Read More »

Protect your personal data when you buy online

If you’ve ever bought anything online you’ll know that you simply have to trust the site you’re using to keep your personal and credit card details secure. The internet is a notoriously unsafe domain, so internet security is understandably a big issue with private consumers. The general public has become much more wary of using sites they perceive as risky ... Read More »

Connecting Millions via OLX

OLX is an internet company situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York City. In India OLX is the best FREE classified website millions are connecting. This site is the Nigeria’s most visited classified site for selling and buying products. Here, you can find the all items available for sale and upload your products for sale, search and sell cars rental ... Read More »

Different Ways of Investing in the Stock Market

Just like anything that involves money, nothing is certain in the stock market. This is perhaps the main reason why people fear sinking their cash in the stocks. Most prefer to just deposit it in the bank because of the covering insurance, assuring depositors that regardless of what happens—whether the bank closes or the economy becomes unstable, their money, or ... Read More »