3 Tips to Stop Smoking for Good

Nobody sets out to become addicted to cigarettes. But smoking has a sly way of becoming a habit, and then a full-blown addiction before you even realize what’s happened. By the time you notice the negative health effects, it’s already too late: damage is being done to your body. The dangers of smoking are well known. Many smokers want to quit. Unfortunately, quite a few fail in their initial attempts. This isn’t because they’re dumb or weak-willed. It’s because they’re not trying to quit the right way. Here are three tips to help you stop smoking for good.

3 Tips to Stop Smoking for Good 1

1. Clean up

Out of sight, out of mind. The urge to smoke is sparked by many tactile sensations, such as the smell of cigarettes or the sight of your cigarette packs, lighters, and ashtrays. Once you decide to quit, it’s a good idea to toss out all your smoking stuff. Then, get cleaning. Shampoo the carpets, deodorize the air, detail your car … try to rid your environment of all traces of cigarettes. As you stop smoking, your sense of smell is going to return in a way you’ve probably not used to. The smell of cigarettes is only going to make you want to smoke one. But if you clean thoroughly, there will be no cigarette smoke to smell and no cigarette stuff to see. Over time, it’ll be easier to forget about smoking Planet Reporter.

2. Adjust your habits

Almost every smoker has smoking triggers. You might light up every time you get in the car, talk on the phone, or finish a meal. While you can’t eliminate the cravings, it does help to recognize and prepare for the times when they occur. Instead of having a smoke after a meal, go for a walk around the block. Replace the cigarette on your morning drive with a cup of coffee. Use your time on the phone to dust the house or fold the laundry. You can’t completely change your life when you quit smoking, but you can mitigate your cravings and develop healthy, productive new habits.

3. Use cigarette substitutes

Cigarettes are among the most physically addictive drugs out there, and quitting is more than just “mind over matter.” Many people find nicotine replacement therapies very helpful. These include nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges. E-cigarettes are another powerful non-smoking tool: they let you enjoy the physical actions of cigarette smoking without either the odor or the associated health risks. All smoking substitutes are better than smoking, and they can be a great temporary addition to your stop-smoking arsenal. There is no one “magic bullet” that will make you stop smoking. Instead, it’s all about setting yourself up for success with a series of small steps. By hiding your triggers, altering your daily habits, and using nicotine replacement therapies, you can beat smoking. A bright, smoke-free day is just around the corner! Breathe in that fresh air and smile.

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