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5 Brilliant Ways To Charge Your Mobile Phone!



Today’s generation demands excess of everything; information, options, technological gadgets, especially mobile phones. Mobile phones back in the day were small rectangular boxes with simple features such as calling, bluetooth and that extremely popular ‘snake game’ in Nokia, which we all still love. With the advent of smart phones, flexible options of recharging online, for instance Freecharge, lets its users recharge their mobile phones anytime. It has spread a fanatic wonder amongst the young and has grown at an alarming rate within the middle aged community as well.

Of course, the excessive usage of mobile phones has its flip side, too. Remember the age of old cellphones and their batteries that lasted for almost 3 days in a row? And by looking at the atrocious behavior of the modern day cellphones that don’t even last half a day, forcing us to charge them for a minimum of 2 times a day. That’s a heartache, as we cannot stay without our smart phones for even a moment and can not sacrifice their battery life even for a minute. To counter the tragedy that we all are facing now, we have come up with a few interesting ways to charge your mobile phones without using the charger Best News Mag.

Solar charging- This method is absolutely simple and an already existing formula, often used for large household purposes. The most primary source of energy we receive is through the sun. By attaching 2 miniature solar sheets or panels, and attaching a USB holder at the end would definitely transfer the solar transformed electricity into the other end of the USB cable from which the phone could be attached. Initially, charging through this method would consume time, but later on, when your smart phone gets adept, it would charge within no time.

Wind turbines- This entire process of charging the cellphone is through the power of the wind and how it astonishingly converts wind energy into that of electricity required for charging the phone. A small fan or turbine would do at the end of the wire through which the cellphone is connected. That wire would convert wind energy into electricity and charge your smart phone. A commonly genius way to operate phones without a charger, right?

Power bank- An extremely bizarre manner to charge your phones, which is currently in boom as all college going students crave for it during their classes is through a power bank. A power bank is an already charged power house which supplies massive amount of electricity. Though, considering its cons, a power bank itself takes a bit longer than the phone to get charged, but this handy gadget can be used anywhere you need and is a craze in today’s world.

The Friction- Ever played a prank on your friend using the metal at the end of a pen’s cap to charge with heat when rubbed against a rough surface. This creates massive concentrated heat within the metallic scale and when touched with bodies, gives a heat shock for a few seconds. This process can be replicated by connecting a USB port and a minute wired box connected to the smart phone, which would transform the heat produced by friction into the electricity required for the phone.

Soft drinks– In this process, found by a Chinese professor, the use of carbonated drinks come into play. Carbonated drinks contain a lot of soda, sugar and carbons which help the desired range of proposal sufficient enough while charging a mobile phone. So next time, instead of consuming the drinks yourself, pour it onto a bio-battery which would focus the energy within and help the phones charge at a rapid pace.

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