6 Tips for Choosing a Wig

After years of investing in straighteners, curling irons, and maybe even a “hair growing” shampoo or two, isn’t it time you made your life easier and invested in a good wig? Wearing wigs isn’t the taboo it used to be, and some celebrities are piping up about their own wig usage. It’s become mainstream and the easiest way to get the look of your dreams without damaging your natural hair. But how do you get started; how do you pick a wig, anyway? There are all kinds on the market, so you need to spend your money wisely. Here are six easy tips for choosing a wig that will ensure you get exactly what you want. Try Know.


1. Choose something complementary

This rule only applies if you want your wig to “pass” as your natural hair. Select a wig with similar colors and a feasible cut: nobody is going to believe you went from a chin-length bob to waves down your back overnight. You can gradually get newer wigs with varying colors and lengths over time. If you don’t care what others think (and strangers won’t know anyway), feel free to choose any wig you wish.

2. Human vs. synthetic

There are pros and cons to both human and synthetic wigs. Nowadays, synthetic wigs can look very realistic. Consider the upside and downside of each to make the right choice for you. Obviously, human hair will behave a little more lifelike, but some say caring for synthetic wigs is easier.

3. Invest in the right products

A great wig deserves great care — and that comes down to quality products. You wouldn’t use just any shampoo on your natural hair, and wigs deserve the same TLC. When making your purchase, stock up on everything you’ll need to keep your mane looking fantastic.

4. Check the return policy

Most people don’t have the best wig stores around the corner, so shopping online is a great way to browse for a variety. However, if it just doesn’t work out, you need to return it easily. Check the return policies on every site to make sure you don’t get stuck with a dud.

5. Consider your face shape

Even the best wig in the world isn’t going to look good if your face doesn’t flatter it. In some ways, getting a wig is no different than getting a new haircut. Choose what flatters you.

6. Get the best customer service

reputable online wig site should come with the best customer service, too. For many people, choosing a wig is an intimate experience and a huge deal. You deserve to be treated right.

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