Child Care-Developmental Needs of a Child

Today, in this modern world, everybody is busy, and therefore, child care services are in demand now, more than ever. The pressures of life are pushing parents to seek the help of a child care center. Some parents have different activities they need to attend during the daytime; some have permanent jobs they need to go to. Still, others have decided to go to college once more to earn their degrees. For this increase in urbanization, child care centers have come up in every part of the world. If you are a busy parent and cannot take care of your son/daughter for some part of the day, all you need is to select a quality child care center that will cater to your needs. In this article, we will see some of the qualities that every child care center should have.

Child Care-Developmental Needs of a Child 1

Childhood Programs

Most of the childhood programs include both education and care. The education part was recently added in the childhood programs section due to the many studies that psychological experts conducted. Studies say that early experiences or education greatly impact human beings, and early education also sometimes becomes a reason for future academic successes. A child care center that is offering quality service should have programs that aim towards the growth of a child’s social and emotional development with the development of cognitive abilities.

Physical Development

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Similarly, education should not be the limiting factor for a child visiting a child care center. A quality child care center should also have programs that aim towards the physical development of a child. Physical development also helps in the growth of a child. A nutritious and healthy diet is also needed for a child to grow. Motor skills tend to be developed from a very tender age, and therefore, choose a daycare center that aims to provide children with motor skill practices. Motor Skills include walking, running, rolling, and crawling. There are finer motor skills that child centers should also look forward to developing, like drawing, coloring, and eye coordination. Add Crazy.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive skills include language skills and other evaluation skills. While developing cognitive abilities, the child should be able to recollect memories and make comparisons. Though a small number of cognitive skills come from within the child, passed on from genes, but most of the cognitive skills have to be learned. Quality child care should have opportunities for a child to discover and experiment with new things, rather than spoon-feeding stuff.

Emotional/Social Development

Emotional development goes a long way in carving a child’s future. A child may forget whatever he/she has learned in preschool but will never forget the values that he/she picked up in the daycare. Quality child care should also ensure that the children can work in groups and are comfortable working with their peers. To summarize, a daycare center should allow the child to grow in a healthy and educative environment.


Decision making is another important attribute that should be there is a child from a very tender age. It is important that the child care center should have lessons that address decision making.ACE daycare in Mississauga, Ontario, has been providing quality child care service for years now. They have also been nominated as a top child care service in 2014. Call them or visit them to know more.

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