China is perfecting a new method

The art of suppressing dissent has been perfected method over time via authoritarian governments. For most of human perfecting history,new the solution becomes easy: force. Punish human beings significantly sufficient once they step out of line and you deter capability protesters.

But in new the age of the net and “fake news,” there are less complicated methods to tame perfecting dissent.

A new have a look at through Gary King of Harvard University, Jennifer Pan of Stanford University, and Margaret Roberts of the University of California San Diego suggests that China is the leading innovator on this front. Their paper, titled “How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, Not Engaged Argument,” indicates how Beijing, with the help of a massive military of presidency-sponsored net commentators, floods the internet in China with seasoned-regime propaganda.

What’s exceptional about China’s method is the content material of the propaganda. The authorities don’t refute critics or guard regulations; rather, it overwhelms the populace with nice information (what the researcher’s name “cheerleading” content material) which will eclipse awful news and divert attention away from real issues.

This has allowed the Chinese government to manipulate citizens without performing to achieve this. It permits simply sufficient complaint to preserve the phantasm of dissent and most effective acts overtly while fears of mass protest or collective action stand up.

To learn more approximately China’s internet propaganda machine, I reached out to Roberts, one of the authors of the paper. I requested her how successful China has been at manipulating its populace and, extra importantly, if she thinks this brand of online propaganda turns into a model for authoritarianism inside the virtual age.

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Sean Illing
How does China use the net to control its populace?

Margaret Roberts
With this specific observe, we have been motivated with the aid of rumors of what’s called the “50 Cent Party” in China [more on this below]. People have been satisfied that China becomes engaged in a good sized online propaganda marketing campaign that focused its very own populace. But we by no means had direct evidence that this turned into ongoing.


Then in 2014, there was a large leak that found out what China was doing and the way they prepared their propaganda gadget. So that gave us an opportunity to observe the real posts the Chinese government turned into generating and spreading at the net for propagandistic functions.

We gathered up all of the information from the leaked email archive, and that allowed us to explore the content of the propaganda, that’s something that nobody had achieved before.

Sean Illing
And what did you locate?

Margaret Roberts
We had constantly thought that the reason of propaganda was to argue towards or undermine critics of the regime or to truly persuade humans that the critics were wrong. But what we discovered is that the Chinese authorities don’t hassle with any of that.

Instead, the content material in their propaganda is what we name “cheerleading” content. Basically, they flood the internet with overwhelmingly effective content material about China’s politics and subculture and history. What it amounts to is a sprawling distraction campaign in place of a try to promote a hard and fast of regulations or guard the guidelines of the regime.

Sean Illing
I need to dive deeper into that, but I want to make certain we don’t flow past the “50 Cent Party” reference. Can you give an explanation for what that is?

Margaret Roberts
The 50 Cent Party is a kind of casual department of the Chinese authorities that incorporates out its online propaganda campaign — so these are the foot infantrymen who put up the content material, share the posts, and many others. The call stems from the rumor that the contributors were every paid 50 cents for each publication that helped the government. We didn’t find evidence that human beings have been being paid 50 cents, but. It seems posting online propaganda is simply a part of a central authority job.

Sean Illing
Do we’ve any idea what number of individuals there are or what number of human beings occupy these posts?

Margaret Roberts


The rumor before we started studying this is that it’s some thing like 2 million people, but we without a doubt don’t understand for sure. But we estimate that the government fabricates and posts 448 million social media remarks a yr.


People degree an extraordinary huge-scale protest no longer a long way from Tiananmen Square in Beijing on July 24, 2017, in connection with a recent crackdown on an employee suspected of being concerned in a pyramid scheme. Getty Images
Sean Illing
So permit’s speak about China’s method. In the paper, you point out that China’s government actively manipulates its populace, but that it doesn’t always appear that manner to its residents. Part of the cause for this is China’s uncommon method to propaganda, that is to avoid refuting skeptics or defending regulations and rather flood the virtual space with glad information. What’s the strategic common sense in the back of this method?

Margaret Roberts
We suppose the cause is the distraction, due to the fact those posts are fantastically coordinated inside sure time durations and the posts are written uniformly over time. They’re simply virtually bursty (that means lots of in addition themed posts at the equal time). The primary concept appears to be to flood the internet with positive noise so as to drown out terrible information and distract from extra extreme or complex issues.

Sean Illing
And they accept as true with this is the only manner to control political discourse?

Margaret Roberts
I assume they found out that politics is about controlling the narrative and setting the schedule. Politicians and authorities officials in China need people to speak about the troubles that mirror properly on them. Their calculation is pretty easy: If they have interaction critics of problems which are complex or replicate poorly at the authorities, they best amplify the eye the one’s troubles receive. So their method is to disregard the criticisms and shift attention to different topics, and that they do that by way of deluging the net with nice propaganda.

Sean Illing
Are these fantastic memories without a doubt authentic, or are we speak me approximately “fake information”?



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