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All of us use computers to store different kinds of data! For some, it might be documents, for some it might be films, and for some others, it might be sensitive programming files! Regardless the category of stored data, lost of data will be something tragic, especially if you store profession-based data as well in the device. When we imply the principle that it is good to take precaution rather than curing later, we find enough room to prefer a backup tool to everyone, who uses computers to store important data. In order to help those who have decided to use such a tool, we will be glad enough to introduce you an effective data backup solution – EaseUS Todo Backup Free. Despite having a special ‘Pro’ version, EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a completely free tool for Windows-based computers. According to superb experience we had with EaseUS Todo Backup, perhaps, this is the best backup software you should grab, and it does not require any kind of technical expertise to preserve your data. This is the same reason, why we made our decision to introduce EaseUS Todo Backup to our readers, and now we will explore different sections of this effective backup software.

Installation & First Use

Unlike most of tools, EaseUS Todo Backup does not allow users to download the direct installation file. Instead, we’ll have to download a download-and-installation tool, and that tool will perform downloading and installation process. We would like to add that this method might be a bit tedious for those who have a slow internet connection because in our case, it was the same. However, once the installation of EaseUS Todo Backup has found its finishing point, rest of task is ultimately simple! Just after installation, you can see the home screen of tool as shown in following image.


In the mentioned screen, what you can is a multi-tabbed interface! Even though it is said to be (according to name) a backup tool, it supports multitude of actions such as data backup, data recovery, data/disk cloning, and some kind of miscellaneous actions. In the backup section, you can use disk/partition backup, system backup, Android backup and file backup. In the system backup, you can preserve entire data in your PC so that no harms such as operating system crash or virus attack.


In the recovery section as well, you have options such as Disk/Partition recovery, file recovery, Android recovery and System Recovery, which shall be useful in corresponding situations. Among the list, we find the Android backup-and-recovery option quite impressive, as it shall useful for all Android users, who love doing experiments in it.


At the same time, disk-cloning option is quite useful when you want to clone hard disk! The section becomes almost complete when we consider partition-cloning feature as well. This section will make enough sense when you want to copy all your information into a brand new hard disk. In addition to all these features, EaseUS Todo Backup is having a special section called ‘Tools’, in which several tools are present. Tools include wipe data, enabling PreOS etc.



Apart from all these features, what we loved in EaseUS Todo Backup most is its ultra-simple yet sense-making UI that makes the whole recovery & backup process simpler than you guess it to be. This tool, varying from traditional ways of backup, offers additional features as Android recovery, using which we can backup all information such as call logs and files. Above all, noteworthy feature of this EaseUS Todo Backup is that it requires no previous experience in file, disk partition, and device backup The Know It Guy.


 Our Verdict

In light of our experience, we will not hesitate to call EaseUS Todo Backup one of the best backup tools available for Microsoft Windows-based computers. Also, we found the User Interface so intuitive that one could ensure all his/her information in an effective way. We hope all of you, who do not want to miss data stored in the device, will check it out, and let us know your opinion about EaseUS Todo Backup.

Rohit Shetty

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