Fortricks A new world of Information Mon, 17 Apr 2017 13:30:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Launch a Successful Snapchat Campaign Mon, 17 Apr 2017 13:30:43 +0000 Many young social media users wouldn’t be caught dead on Facebook, or even its subsidiary Instagram. For a growing number of millennials, Snapchat is the way to communicate and share moments with friends. Lucky for us, Snapchat offers an expanding number of ways to reach these 16-34 year old customers. Here are the best ways that you can create a successful Snapchat campaign.


Tell Stories

The great thing about Snapchat is that its content expires. Use this to your advantage! With the Stories function, you can make quick videos that expire in 24 hours. These videos can include exclusive links, promos and discounts only for viewers who see it that day! Snapchat boasts a 14% swipe up rate (swiping up is a customer interaction with an ad similar to a clickthrough on, say, a Facebook ad). This is much higher than the average clickthrough rate on conventional social media ads.


Build Up to an Event

You can also use Snapchat Stories to show a series of short promotions building up to an event, like a product launch or a grand opening. Snapchat harnesses the power of sequential storytelling in a way that other social media platforms can’t, making it perfect for generating momentum and building up customer engagement. When the moment arrives, you can be ready to celebrate the event with sponsored lenses and on-demand geofilters.


Design a Sponsored Lens

The name of the game on Snapchat is “playful!” With a sponsored lens, you can create a playful way for users to interact with your brand. Kraft Foods, for example, made a lens featuring their trademark mac and cheese to invoke consumer nostalgia and reaffirm a positive perception of the veteran brand.


Make an On-Demand Geofilter

In the past, Snapchat only allowed you to make public geofilters, but now you can tailor them to your brand or event. That means you can have custom filters available only at the location of your grand opening. These filters let your customers and attendees creatively share the moment with their friends.


Contests and Giveaways

Although it has grown considerably in recent years, Snapchat still maintains a feeling of intimacy between its users. Any special contests, discount codes or giveaways that you extend to your Snapchat followers feels special and unique to them. So make the most of this! Reward your customers for being Snapchat users, and they will be more likely to use that promo code or coupon.



Find some influencers or micro-influencers who have a following in your demographic and let them take over your snapchat account for a day. You’ll be amazed at what they can do to create customer engagement and to create a sense of fun around your brand. Often times, micro-influencers understand the customer base better than anyone. They speak the language, and that’s more valuable than diamonds!


Snapchat empowers your company to tell stories and connect closely with your customers. It gives your customers ways to creatively express themselves and interact with your brand. Plus, it has powerful tools for measuring success metrics and customer engagement. By bringing together a few of these elements, your Snapchat campaign is sure to be a hit.


Author Bio

Brian Oaster writes content for translation services company Day Translations from Central America. He has worked all over the world as an arts educator, English teacher, basket exporter, rare book dealer, fortune teller, and as the first mate of a private sailing yacht. Educated in the visual arts and an avid reader of news and literature, his focus is on international arts and culture, world religions and global politics.

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Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager Sat, 15 Apr 2017 10:22:33 +0000 As the days pass by mobiles or smartphones are becoming closer to our daily life and nowadays a smartphone is of great importance and you can do half of your daily chores with your smartphone only. So there may be people who might be thinking how to transfer contacts from Android to computer then your answer is Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

This software is capable of doing multiple tasks with ease and proficiency. It enables the user to control and manage their Android device in their PC. You can save backup Android phone to PC. It allows the user to completely control the Android device through their PC and can do everything without any limitations. It is a complete package that enables the user to do any task through their PC. Some of the key features of Vibosoft Android Manager are as follows:

  • Vibosoft Android Manager can be used efficiently to store back up of your phones data and you can easily clone the files in your Android device to your PC. From this backup you can also restore these data to your phone when in need. This amazing system of saving a backup and restoring those data from the back up is very useful.
  • In order to free your phone’s memory from messages this software has a fast option of exporting all the text messages from your mobile’s memory to your computer.
  • Vibosoft Android Manager helps the user to directly import all the contacts from your Android device to your PC. The contact list is a very useful thing and you should always keep a back-up of it.
  • You can perform tasks like editing messages, deleting contacts and any more through your PC only. It gives all the control to the user from their personal computer.
  • You can edit messages and contacts from your computer. It also allows the user to create text messages and send it to other phones via computer.
  • With Vibosoft Android Manager all the files and folders in your SD card and phone memory can be managed easily.
  • The application supports the drag and drop technique thus making it easier to the user to manage all the contents in your phone through their PC.

These were some of the most amazing and unique features of Vibosoft Android Manager. It can be considered as one of the best tools for managing files and perform task from your PC by connecting your Android device via USB cable to the PC. So don’t wait and install this amazing application for managing Android device from a computer.

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Best 5 seater car for traveling in night – Ford Ecosport rules the night Thu, 13 Apr 2017 09:17:47 +0000 Cars nowadays come with the best of options and there is plenty of choice in each segment. Most of these cars are equipped with the best comfort and safety features. However when it comes to driving at night, there are very few cars which will meet the required conditions. The best 5 seater car which is equally competent to drive at night as well, seem to be the Ecosport from Ford Motors. We should be indeed grateful to Ford for bringing out such a marvellous car here.

Ford Ecosport not only looks stylish and sporty, the car gives out a distinct glow at night. The basic necessity of night travel is high density lights which are also provided in this SUV. Ecosport has ultra-modern H4 night braker bulbs fitted on the hexagonal grille. This headlight cluster is powered by strong halogen lamps. The round shaped fog lamps also do their duty very well. There is also a LED park lights in the high end Titanium trims which are very useful while travelling at night. LEDs or light emitting diodes are more energy efficient and also last longer than the usual park light bulbs.Another worthy feature is the Day and Night Mirror, which is designed to reduce glare back into the driver’s eyes, when driving at night. This is particularly useful when the person driving directly behind isn’t very polite with headlight usage. The sleek tail lamp cluster also provides fine light in all conditions.Like most other Ford cars, Ecosport also has an all-black interior theme with silver inserts. The nicely laid out dash gets all the more beautiful when it is all lit up in the dark. There are rear reading lamps as well in addition to the cabin lights.


It is available in three engine options – 1.5 litre and 1.0 litre Ecoboost petrol engines and a 1.5 litre oil burner diesel engine. The best and in-demand 1.5-litre DV5 diesel engine produces a maximum power of 89 bhp at 3750 rpm and a torque of 204 Nm at 2000-2750rpm.

Comfort features include keyless entry, Ford SYNC driver connect system, good quality audio system with lots of controls, reverse parking system with audio and visual feedback, advanced climate control and a centrally mounted LCD screen with SYNC controls and many more. Safety features include central lock system, anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP), electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) with Hill Launch Assist and rear parking sensors.

The many variants of Ford Ecosport are available in Mars Red, Diamond White, Kinetic Blue, Moondust Silver, Chill Metallic, Panther Black and Sea Grey colours at a starting price of just Rs 6.3 lakhs.

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How to choose your first Smartphone within your budget Tue, 11 Apr 2017 11:38:34 +0000 There are so many smartphones you can purchase which it becomes a bit also difficult to acquire the right phone. Because of so many alternatives available, if you do not perform careful study, you may make a wrong option and also your dollars may go waste.


To start with; you ought to be fairly obvious as to how much money you are ready to invest. There are lots of websites on the web that list smartphones according to their own costs. You can check the list to see that smartphones can be purchased in your budget. Some sites even list phones based on budget range. Actually via such a website, you can find numerous smartphones for your allowance.

Many people don’t learn how to go shopping for a Smartphone. The following is the proper way to obtain a Smartphone to show the Samsung mobile price list.

Operating system

Several operating systems, various Companies that may provide high-speed 4g networks and also many display screen resolutions and designs, there may never be another good time and energy to upgrade your Smartphone or perhaps get your initial one.

Pick the Operating system that’s most effective for you. Investing in a Mobile phone is in fact harder than buying laptop. In contrast to computer systems, it is possible to alter the OS unless you such as what you have. Several well known operating systems are Apple’s OS, Android, Blackberry smartphones OS as well as Windows Phone 7. They are in various programs which make these proficient at different things. Here is an introduction to these kinds of systems which you can be check or search on this website

Apple’s easy-to-use interface, the majority of apps as well as highest quality programs and unique components as well as software program plug-in tends to make this particular system irresistible. Additionally, it provides iTunes which makes it easy to acquire songs, films, books and applications.

Downsides are constrained multi tasking ability and no help regarding hepatic suggestions. Social media providers is probably not as restricted because Google android or even Windows Phone.


There are two forms of memory; the machine storage is made for the particular device’s overall performance which is excellent using the common 1GB, and the memory for storage. Micro SD generally comes with Google android smartphones that may be improved approximately 32GB.

Camera quality

If you value getting photographs, you should look at 5-MP video cameras or higher (16-MP will be the greatest now) for higher quality. Aside from the megapixel, there are other features you should consider including the contact lens quality, just how fast the digital camera starts as well as catches and the way it could handle low mild scenarios Weblist Posting.

For a high quality video performance, go for smartphones that will take 720p HD (1080p is the greatest) video clip. The very best video cameras will provide you with sharp and also smooth-looking video clips even just in dim circumstances.


Like computer smartphones also has processor. This kind of determines how fast they could do things such as beginning applications, web pages as well as multi tasking. Google android Smartphone these days respectably has a dual-core model and quad-core products as well. Compromising for any single-core processor chip, especially less than 1GHz just isn’t suggested. An easy A4 dual-core nick within apple iphone will work for enjoying console-quality games.

Evaluate the characteristics

Now that you understand couple of cell phones that are offered inside your spending budget. You are able to utilize the energy associated with comparison shopping. You should evaluate the cell phones to test which cell phones are providing better features from lesser price. One essential characteristic to consider is the life of the battery. Smartphones come with a great deal of features, if however no has great battery power, you will not such as using phone. So, it’s also wise to examine which usually cell phones offer you more talk time and also stand by time.

Read reviews

By now, you could have reduced in order to 2 or 3 phones. You have to read evaluations of those smartphones to know their own benefits and drawbacks. A few can experience which reading through testimonials can inform them what’s great and what is poor about that smartphones. However, customer reviews aren’t in which trustworthy. Different clients have got different expertise and so they might use it in numerous ways


Running Like Clockwork: The Benefits of Barcode Systems for Daily Operations Fri, 07 Apr 2017 18:32:35 +0000 A lot of businesses have jumped on the barcode bandwagon, but there are still some resistant to the idea. If you’re one of them, here are some of the benefits you’re missing out on.

Reduced Tracking Errors

By using a system like this inventory management software, you reduce tracking errors. In fact, many companies find that warehouse operations that are supported by automated collection data and wireless barcode input experience 99.x percent accuracy on inventory inputs.


This means that tracking errors are virtually eliminated. Even experienced typists make about one error every 300 keystrokes, which means that human error is inherent. With computer systems, errors are limited to prior input and printing mistakes, printing errors caused by faulty machinery or fault scanning equipment.

Even so, the numbers speak for themselves. These errors are extremely rare, especially with high-end and reliable hardware and software solutions.

Coding Speeds Up All Stages Of Operations

Coding everything speeds up all stages of your operation. Sure, entering the initial data may slow down operations at the beginning. But, this is made up for in spades when it gets past the initial data entry point. By the time a package has made it to QA and shipping, it’s saved potentially hundreds of man-hours.

Barcodes Eliminate Manual Entry Errors

Barcodes eliminate manual entry errors outside of any manual entry necessary to create the label. Even then, errors can be kept to a minimum by using existing QR or SKU inputs in your database.

If you’re transitioning from a spreadsheet system that’s hand-written, you may experience an initial lag while you perfect any errors n the initial data entry. Beyond that, the computers do the work of printing and then scanning is done either by machine or by human beings.

So, as long as packages are getting scanned along the production line, expect your traditional errors to drop as you eliminate manual entry Page Design Pro.

Get A 50 Percent Higher ROI On Your ERP

Companies that use asset tracking and inventory management systems experience a 50 percent higher return on investment on their enterprise resource planning. This should be easy to understand why.

ERP deals with product planning, manufacturing and delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management and payment systems. When these are integrated into a tracking application, everything is automated and sped up significantly due to the elimination of manual entry.

Inventory can now be synced with sales and ePOS systems at retailers or at your front end retail locations. Reordering and production volumes can be automatically adjusted based on output and sales data.

Shipping efficiency is improved, since most shipping companies already use barcode scanning systems to track inventory. All you have to do is plug into their system.

Finally, payment systems can be integrated into your tracking system to reconcile sales with inventory, eliminating, or at least dramatically reducing, fraud and employee theft.

From accounting to HR to sales and procurement, production, distribution, and customer service, there is not a department in your organization that can’t be improved using inventory management.

Max Gardiner is an assistant to a stockroom manager in a large warehouse. He enjoys sharing his insights online. His articles can be found mostly on inventory and management sites.


Spring Electronics Deals Sat, 01 Apr 2017 17:17:29 +0000 Groupon Coupons is a fast & convenient new way you can spend less at Groupon. You don’t need to buy anything upfront.  There are over 55,000 entirely free coupons from more than 8,600 stores.  We are always adding new coupons and new stores, so keep checking back!

We are in the midst of a new season with spring’s arrival and you can get the latest and best in electronics with savings at hand!  We’ve gathered a list of our Top 5 best electronics & gadgets deals at Sears you can hop on now!

1.) Sears has your latest in electronics with coupons you can save with on the recently popular tablets, including the recently released Apple iPad Air 2.  With the latest technology you can surf, play, work, watch movies, and shop easily with coupon that can save you money.


Sears Store Sale: Save $35 Off Your $300+ Order At Sears

2.) You can kick back and enjoy the big screen in your home with TV and movies in brilliant high-definition with Nano-crystal technology along with discounts from Groupon Coupons for your electronics purchases at Sears.  Save using coupons on select Samsung TVs available at your local Sears store.


Sears Store Sale: $80 Off Select Samsung HDTVs

3.) Video gamers will love the latest in video game consoles with the arrival of the XBox One and Playstation 4.  With tech savvy options to play the latest games, multiplayer online capability, movie and TV watching, sports & live TV, and chatting with friends you’ll never have down time.  You can use money savings coupon deals to save on either XBox’s or Playstation’s video game consoles at Sears Page Design Web.


Sears Store Sale: Take 25% Off Name Brand TVs & Electronics

4.) Sears has deals that will be music to your ears with Vivitar speakers that have Bluetooth capabilities.  You can also enjoy portability, wireless capabilities, and Vivitar Bluetooth speakers are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Sears Store Sale: Save Up To 50% OffVivitar Bluetooth Speakers

5.) Don’t want to be tied into a cell phone contract, but want the latest and greatest in smartphones.  With special coupon offers for 20% off at Sears on no-contract phones

from Net10 and TracFone make calls, download apps, surf the net and more.


Sears Store Sale: Take 20% Off Sears No-Contract Android Phones

Asus ET2040IUK: Latest Technological Wonder Wed, 29 Mar 2017 09:14:20 +0000 What is the very first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Technology”? According to me, technology is what brings convenience a step closer with innovation. Asus is one among the top gadget manufacturing companies in the world and it is no surprise that the latest addition to the Asus bandwagon speaks of nothing but the innovative thinking of this company. Asus ET2040IUK is the latest All in One desktop to hit the market and there is absolutely nothing that you will not like about it. Let us take a detailed look at its specifications.

All you need to know about Asus ET2040IUK: For detailed information of the specifications, you could check a video trailer up here directly from Asus.


First and foremost, Asus is making the all new Asus ET2040IUK desktop available to buyers with two different processor models. First one is Celeron Dual Core J1800 Processor and the second one is Pentium Quad Core J2900 processor.

Asus ET2040IUK specifications

Starting with the display screen and case, Asus ET2040IUK desktop is probably the most stylish as well as slim desktop produced by Asus so far. The 19.5 inch bright screen (1366×768 pixel resolution) is backed up with LED- backlit and is placed comfortably on a case that is 14 mm wide. This gives this desktop one of its most talked about feature i.e. its slim and sleek design. Interested buyers will have to wait no longer for getting their hands on this all in one desktop from Asus as it is available on

The next noticeable hardware feature in this desktop is a metal stand which helps users in adjusting the screen at several different angles. This is a great relief for people who have to use this desktop at tight spaces as well as for people who are always on the go. Additionally, a mouse, keyboard and webcam will also be provided in the box Attendant Design.

Software: Asus ET2040IUK desktop is powered by Windows 8.1 OS.

Processor: Celeron Dual Core J1800 Processor, Pentium Quad Core J2900 processor, with a speed of 2.41 GHz

Power consumption: 65 Watts power supply

Memory: Cache memory of 2 MB. It runs on 2 GB DDR3 RAM.

Display: The dimension of Asus ET2040IUK desktop is 489.4 x 307.15 x 25.5 mm. HD LED- backlight panel type along with Intel HD Graphics.

Storage: Hard disk of 500 GB with 5400 RPM

Connectivity: 3 USB 3.0 slots, 3 USB 2.0 slots, HDMI port

SEO + Magento: make it work Sun, 19 Mar 2017 15:47:10 +0000 SEO is a major marketing channel for every single business represented mainly on the internet. The search of goods or services a customer is interested in begins with search engines in 90% of cases. Of course, we’re not talking about loyal customers, you’ve already gained, but about those who may not even suspect of your store’s existence. Therefore, the ranking competition between online shops is higher than ever, and every client counts.


Some businessmen mistakenly reckon that their priority is being #1 on every single obvious keyword their store represents. I’m sorry to say that, but getting the number one position in Google ranking for the ‘Apple’ keyword is simply impossible or even if manage to get it, you’ll have to spend lots of money and efforts, which will turn out as a waste of both. Luckily, people are used to specify their requests, and that’s where you come in Page Design Hub.

As we already established, short and general keywords like ‘T-shirt’ won’t take you anywhere near a purchase. But a unique keyword or a long tail phrase will do the job, so, go for it. Use keywords tools or simply be creative about it. For example, instead of boring ‘T-shirt’ say ‘women T-shirt for office New Orleans’. Imagine it’s the ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ episode and your task is to defeat the bad guys, I mean common keywords.

Make sure that the keywords you use are in the titles of the web pages. Search engines return results with requested words in titles on the first pages and pay attention to keywords in context in the second place. Although, it doesn’t mean that you must give up on mentioning keywords in a text at all. A good product description is as important as everything else. Just don’t overdo it and keep descriptions natural.

There is one more way of using keywords on e-commerce sites – tags. It’s a powerful multifunctional tool that many webmasters underestimate. Product tags come helpful in a search on a site. A cloud of tags is a good helper – a customer may want to look through another category of goods, or it also may remind of something they can use along with the purchased stuff, like a mouse for a computer, or a scarf that will go with a newly-bought bag. Tag listed products will make URLs SEO-friendly for search engines and the next time a customer will get more relevant results with your store’s hyperlink.

Remember I mentioned that you won’t ever beat an ‘Apple’ keyword in ranking? Well, that’s still true, but full named long tags can beat up in search ranking manufacturers! Magento product tags with variations are extremely useful for search engine visibility, and there is no restriction on how many of them you’ll use per product. Just remember about being humble and as informative as you can.

Take advantage of all the available and easy tools and techniques you have at your disposal. No matter how professional or experienced, every SEO specialist begins with those simple and free steps on the way to drawing traffic in e-commerce. Grab these tips and hurry to make your business prosperous!

Get best Online deals with couponada Sat, 18 Mar 2017 16:27:12 +0000 We know that you want to save your money while you are buying anything online. Unlike local markets you can’t bargain while you are shopping from online shopping portals as there is no one present for you to offer you discounts, however you can always use coupon codes which will help you in getting the best online deals at discounted prices. is the best coupon website in India from where you can get coupons for some of the best brands and online portals of India.

Whether you are looking for a coupon for using on Amazon or eBay, you will find all the coupons which you can use at couponada. Couponada specializes in providing the best coupon and promo codes which will help you in getting all your favorite products at discounted prices. When you open the main page of the website you will see three sections there named top 15 coupons, top 15 deals and recently added.

All the coupons which are most popular will be available in top 15 coupons section. The best deals which you can find on the internet are present in top 15 deals section and the coupons which are recently available are present in Recently added tab. All the coupons and promo codes which are available in are checked from time to time and the expired coupons are removed if they are not working, so that you don’t get confused with all the available coupons. If you want to use a coupon in near future you can save it. All the coupons which you save in couponada will be present in the Saved coupons section of the website. offers user registration. You can easily register with couponada and also subscribe to them so that you can get all the latest and best deals on shopping portals of India. Once registered you can select your preferences and you will get all the best deals as per your selected preferences. Registering on will also open access to the offers where you can get 80% discounts. Make sure you enter your correct date of birth as you will get a gift each year from if you are a registered member of this website Page Design Shop.

If you are not sure about the category you can click on the Category tab which will display all the categories whose coupons are available in couponada. The website also comes with Search tab where you can simply enter the keyword or name of the website whose coupons you are looking for and get all the coupons listed under that particular website.

If you do international shopping you can also check the international coupon section. You will get all the promo codes and discount coupons of international online stores in this section, so you can not only save money in your currency but also in the foreign currency. is the best website which will help you in saving a lot of money while shopping online. Make sure you register with them and enjoy all the benefits they are giving to their registered customers.

Are You Satisfied with Your Crossdresser Breast Forms? Wed, 15 Mar 2017 17:03:48 +0000 No matter if you are buying real melons from the market, or melons to turn things up a little bit, you are going to either like them, not like them, or be content with them but not satisfied. Yes, we are talking about breast forms. Breast forms can be deceiving in the first look. Sometimes, you may not be happy with it, or just be contented with it but not fully happy. If you don’t like it, and if you bought it from an online store, you return it, and ask for a new one. But, if you bought it from a retail store, and they do not return it, you are in big trouble. It might not be so easy also for online store buyers to return the item just like that. So, therefore, what do you do when your crossdresser breast form fall short, or too big or it doesn’t fit you?

The first and foremost thing that you can do is, you can try to return the item from the store that you bought the item from. If the store doesn’t take the item back, you look into another store from the next time. From the next time, while buying crossdresser or transgender products, always buy from a store who clearly tell you “We guarantee 100% satisfaction”. Now, if the store refuses to return it, and the item is still intact, and is not damaged beyond use, you may always gift them to someone who will appreciate it.

Once you find a store that offers guarantee, and also assure satisfaction, you will need to keep some things in mind to abide by the guarantee provided by the store. In this article, we will give you a quick guide. Obviously, it is always better to call the store directly in case of any confusions or questions. Calling the store directly will let you know about the store, about how they deal with crossdresser or transgenders, and you may also find out more than a store, like a community or a support. So, lets come to the main point of the article. Below are the tips, that you should abide by.

Look at the Sizing Tips on the Website-: If the store you are buying from has a decent well designed website (which they should have), then they must have a step to step guide about how to arrive to the right size depending on your body size.

Know What You are Looking For-: Breast form which are made out of a hard-external skin, and lightweight silicon are coveted, and is a great investment if you have the money. You may also consider the nipple feel and size with the make. Consider the fitting against your chest. Ask yourself some basic questions. Do they have the sag or droop you want? The jiggling effect? How do they feel when touched? What do you have to do to maintain them, and how are they attached to your body? Read the reviews, if attached from the website.

Read the Guarantee-: Make sure that you have read every clause of the guarantee. Most breast forms are not returnable if they have any kind of wear, and that is for obvious reasons.

The breast form store is a service dedicated to the needs of crossdresser and the transgender community. Call them to know more about the products and services they offer.

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