Five Ways to Keep Your Alamo Heights Home Free from Pests

Pests like ants, termites, roaches, rodents, and spiders will damage your property and spread infections. To successfully eliminate them, consider professional pest control in Alamo Heights. Also, you must make an effort to prevent an infestation. Below are some pest control tips that can keep your home free from those unwanted visitors.

Pests free

Keep Your Bathroom and Kitchen Clean

Pests tend to thrive and survive in a dirty, damp atmosphere. To ensure you don’t deal with a pest infestation, provide your kitchen counters, stove-top, racks, and drawers are always clean. Use a disinfectant cleaner when cleaning kitchen surfaces. Also, ensure there are no food particles left in your kitchen.

In addition, because your bathroom is also prone to dirt and moisture, it can become an attractant to pests. So, make sure to keep your bathroom always clean and dry.

Ensure there is No Standing Water Anywhere

Pests such as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. So, ensure there is no standing water around your house. Also, make sure the drains run outside your home because mosquitoes can breed in dirty stagnant water in the gutters. Make certain all buckets in your bathroom are dry if not used. If your air conditioner releases water, use a pipe to carry the water out.

Keep Fruits and Vegetables in the Fridge

Fruits and vegetables can attract flies, particularly when overripe. If you have cut and ripe fruit immediately s, take them out to the garbage ely. While fruit flies may be harmless, you should be worried about house flies, roaches, and ants that may be attracted to this garbage.

Maintain Your Garden

Do you have a garden or lawn? Ensure all holes or pits are filled in to prevent water from accumulating. Also, a water fountain or pond in the garden must be cleaned regularly. Plants must be pruned, so you don’t have bushy growths that can give way to pests such as ants, mosquitoes, and rats to invade your house.

Fix Gaps and Holes in Your Home

Pests can quickly enter your home through small gaps. So, ensure you fix any holes in your pipes, windows, doors, and attic. Always check your doors and repair any issues to prevent pests from entering. Smaller gaps can be filled with pipe sealants or caulk. If there are bigger openings, use expandable polyurethane foam. Consider hiring professional installers to ensure the quality of work done.

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