Holiday Gift Ideas for the Classy Gentleman in Your Life

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy for those guys in your life who might prefer something a little different. Ties are fine, but maybe you should go for some gift ideas that are a little more sophisticated.

1. A hot shave

Most guys just speed shave in the shower or the mirror while they’re getting ready to head out, and it isn’t exactly something they enjoy. But buying a man a hot shave from an old-school barber or a specialty shaving store can really be a treat. It’s pretty much a facial for a man, and they get to experience the joy of shaving with really high-quality products. Be careful, though: he might get hooked. Also, it’s good to buy guys gift cards, so they can plan ahead and not shave for a day or two before they go. You wouldn’t want to take him out for a “surprise” and discover that he shaved his face right before you left the house.

2. Shaving products

If you introduce a guy to the splendor of shaving with something other than a rusty disposal Bic blade, he will more than likely want to make the switch permanently. Great gift ideas to consider for guys who have already elevated their shaving game involve getting them some tools of the trade, like Art of Shaving sets. Beaver hairbrushes and top shaving soaps are great complements to a high-end razor if the guy already has one. If they don’t have a razor, consider investing in one of those. These will be a little bit more expensive, but they’re worth their weight in gold.

3. Skincare

It shouldn’t be a surprise that dragging a razor across your skin isn’t exactly the best thing for it. It’s actually important for guys to take care of their skin after they shave, so investing in lotions and creams to keep the skin hydrated and super smooth is an excellent idea. Also, look into getting your special man some skincare products like facial washes and scrubs to help him clean his face properly before he shaves. There’s been a historical stigma that guys shouldn’t devote time to their appearance and hygiene, but that’s no longer true. Getting products suited to a man’s face can really make a difference and help him pamper himself.

4. A bag

Guys don’t get the luxury of having purses to keep all of their stuff in, but you can get a nice messenger bag for the up-and-coming professional gentleman in your life. A sleek messenger bag can really help him elevate his style and actually improve his overall look. If men have a nice outfit on, then they stuff their pockets with wallets and phones; it ruins the line of their outfit. But a nice messenger bag can really pull everything together, and they usually have enough room to store a laptop or tablet.

5. Speaking of wallets.

Getting your guy a nice wallet is also a solid gift idea. Sure, he might still carry around his bi-fold wallet made out of duct tape that he had in college, or maybe he’s just been carrying around an old leather one forever, and it’s really beat up The Haze. A new wallet is a great gift and can really help elevate a fellow to that next level of sophistication.

6. Don’t forget a watch

Although we are almost completely dependent on our smartphones, don’t underestimate the power of a nice, classy watch. They don’t have to be overly expensive, but they can really take a young professional’s image up a notch in terms of looking pulled together and developing that professional swagger.

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