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These days it’s almost necessary to have a website for a business or person but no one want to pay thousands of dollars for just having website. But what you will do if we tell you the better way to get your professional website without wasting a single penny for that?

Yes! There are hundreds of options available to build your website for free of cost but today I am gonna tell you about an amazing Free Website Builder and Hosting Provider which is very popular in United State and Indonesia but truth is this platform belong to India.

GoogieHost allows you to create a free website without any special programming knowledge, yes! Even if you don’t know HTML, Php, Java, Asp .NET and all because here you get simple drag and drop option to build your professional website.

Premium Website Builder: With other providers these services will cost you’re about $50/year but this website builder comes for no cost as long as you wish to continue with them. It has over 100+ business class to choose from for your personal and professional website; even you could sell these websites to anyone and make some cash with simple designs.

No Forced Ads: Whenever we look at any free service only one questions rise up in our mind that there must be catch but believe me at GoogieHost its 100% your website they don’t even put a single back link on your website however you are authorized to put their party advertisement to generate some bucks from your website or blog.

24X7 Customer Support: Anytime if you are in trouble you can get in touch with them via Support Ticket, usually they reply your queries within 24 working hours which is damn good as most premium service providers takes such a long time to reply your ticket.

Overall gives you all the tools which are required to build a world class website or blogs, If you are student or newbie those are seeking to maximize their website designing skills they can surly go and practice on unlimited numbers of website online.

Rohit Shetty

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