How To Use Teamwork For High Index Lenses Plan

What are the true benefits that can be reaped by teamwork in a business? If you think of a soccer tournament, it’s a no-brainer that the players must all work in unison in order to score goal after goal. Sure, there may be moments where a single player is highlighted for a risky move that ended up getting the ball in the net, however it truly comes down to the coaching, the support of other teammates and the motivation to score that goal for your team. You embody a greater, less selfish, perspective on what it means to win. When in business, the spirit of teamwork greets a heightened employee morale, better relationships amongst colleagues, the ability to smoothly go with the flow and a spark of innovative flare.

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An Increase in Employee Morale

When a company leader gives the floor to their employees to innovate and strategize on a persistent business issue, you’ll see how much more invested your employees will feel towards the company. They will feel like they have more of a say in what goes on, that their decision making actually will make a difference. This can save heaps of company money by encouraging a lower employee turnover rate, therefore you can say goodbye to lost productivity between employee transitions and extra costs associated with training. Chen made this clear from the get-go by employing young women with an entrepreneurial-focused lens in which he allowed them to organize the company’s future marketing plan for high index lenses. These individuals also feel more prideful about the work they put forth, feeling a sense of belonging and attachment to their job.

Better Relationships Come Out Of The Mix

Disagreements will happen, and differing opinions will come out of the mix when you put two opposing individuals together. But that is exactly how some of the best ideas come about. If team’s build on groupthink then the whole business can eventually come tumbling down. Tunnel vision is a curse in the making. However, when an issue does come forth it is imperative that the team settles it without always having to go to the manager for support. Figure it out on your own, and don’t let the issue precede to the point where it is hurting your product-to-market strategies for those high index lenses you were tasked with given the torch to hold.

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