How to Win the SEO Game

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a mystery for some, and who can blame them? The rules are in constant flux, making it difficult to track the changes. Fortunately, you can stay ahead of the curve by becoming a student of SEO. And for those web managers with not enough time available to actively participate, an SEO company’s services can prove invaluable.

How to Win the SEO Game 1


1. Become a news item. Figure out a way to not just find news but to become the news. If your business has a unique story to be told, make sure it gets aired. Then share it with the news sources.

2. Look beyond your niche. You may be missing customers because you’re too focused on your niche. Explore similar niches to cover and make sure your information is getting to those areas too.

3. Host local influencers. Who are the top bloggers and newsmakers in your area? Find out where they gather and how to reach them. Consider hosting an event and inviting these influencers to participate.

4. Build content around a major event. If there is a big event coming up, find a way to cover it and utilize that event to benefit your site. You might provide exclusive coverage of a seminar or a trade show on your site Global Amend.

5. Collect data and share that information. People love data. They especially appreciate data that has been carefully collected, parsed, and turned into a story. Share that story on your website and spread the news abroad. Enlist the services of the best seo company to assist you.

6. Share your photos. People love pictures. In fact, they scour Wikimedia and other free sites for photos to go with what they are writing. Make your photos easy to reuse by securing a Creative Commons license.

7. Set up Google Alerts. Through Google Alerts, you can find out a lot of information that you might normally miss. Establish alerts for your personal and company names. Track news stories as they happen.

8. Interview the experts. People enjoy press exposure. Make certain that the key or upcoming movers and shakers receive much exposure. Interview, write an article, take photographs or otherwise promote the key influencers in your niche.

9. Interact with your tribe. Make it easy for people to leave comments on your blog. Then answer those comments personally. Create conversations and build a following through dialogue.

10. Update your business cards. Your business cards should contain each of your social media accounts. Make it easy for people to connect with you on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and other sites.

11. Outsource your work to competent writers. You can’t do everything, nor should people expect you to. That means hiring competent writers to supplement your work by adding content of their own. Then concentrate on building your tribe elsewhere.

12. Clean up old content. You have some content that is old or outdated. Make a habit of going through that information by updating where necessary. If a page isn’t salvageable, then redirect it to one that is useful.

13. Change your links. Outbound links can break or may no longer be relevant. Get rid of those links that no longer work or redirect the same. Irrelevant outbound links should never sully your user’s experience.

14. Win the duplicate content war. Quite easily, your content may be duplicated either through canonization issues or through outside forces. Endeavor to keep your content unique, even if that means rewriting something so that it complies.

Win This Game

SEO can seem like a game — and it is. Here, it would help if you remained thick in the battle or otherwise risk falling behind. Ensure that your site performs optimally and that the user’s experience is always a good one.

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