How Windows VPS Hosting Can Help Your Business

For both offline and web-based businesses, finding the right hosting is a significant task. Private and dedicated hosting can be expensive, while shared hosting is notoriously unreliable. Probably one of the best options for hosting is Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is similar to“the Cloud,” which means your website is hosted on a virtual server. This virtual server is generated from a physical server, but there’s no physical data written on a hard drive that can be lost. This means your information will always be accessible, no matter what happens to the physical servers.

How to choose the right host

Choosing the right VPS host is important, so here are some tips to help you:

1. Check the uptime — You want a server that will be accessible no less than 99% of the time. During that 1% of downtime, you’ll already be losing visitors because your website is inaccessible. The less downtime there is, the better. (Very few hosts guarantee 100% uptime, but some do.)

2. Evaluate the price vs. cost — The price is the money you’ll pay right now to get your website hosted; the cost is what you’ll pay in the long term if you need to upgrade, add more storage space, change to a different type of hosting, etc. Unmanaged hosting is the cheapest, but it may not be the most cost-effective over the long haul. Please read over the contract to see how much it could cost you over time, and choose between unmanaged, managed, and unmetered hosting.

3. Fine print — You want to avoid the “fine print” at all costs. This includes hidden fees, payments you’re not told about, and anything in your contract that is “under the table.” Everything should be 100% above-board and clearly spelled out.

4. Security — Your VPS host should have top-notch security because you need protection against hackers. Many a web-based business has gone under thanks to hackers, not to mention phishing and identity theft. Your VPS host should have 24/7 security monitoring your account and offer you all the SSL certificates necessary to keep your site safe.

5. Support — Need help with your hosting? If you’re new to the world of web-based business, you probably do. Without good technical support and customer service, you’re in for many long hours of trying to muddle through even simple problems. The best companies are the ones that offer fast and dependable support for their customers Vlogger Faire.

Need a good VPS host for your website? Check out AccuHost, one of the best VPS hosting providers you can find. With great customer service and affordable prices, it doesn’t get much better than this!

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