Omega’s Contribution To The Olympic Experience

Omega has been an Olympic Partner for many games. The mega brand is associated with time keeping at the games. For a long as we can remember there has been an Omega time device dutifully informing the spectators of the time. The time displays have improved over time. Renowned for the accuracy and reliability of their timing devices Omega has been making visible contributions to the Olympic Experience.

Omega at Rio 2016

The Just ended Olympics saw Omega bringing new innovations that were specifically designed to improve the Olympic experience both for the athletes, sporting professionals and sports fans. The two most notable innovations are in the scoreboards and the photo finish technology.

Photofinishes are as common in events in with high competition as slots are in online casinos (also known as casino enligne in France). The need for indisputable evidence on the winner of an event will always exist Owner Business.

However, the camera Scan ‘O’ Vision MYRIA maybe the last device to be developed to solve the problem of close finishes. This system captures more than 10,000 high quality digital images per second. The camera captures images of the athletes in a vertical line as soon as they cross the finish line. It will be difficult to top this innovation that is why we have boldly claimed it to be the last system created to solve disputed finishes. However we silently hope that we will be pleasantly surprised with a better system at Japan 2020.

Omega brought their A-game in designing the scoreboards that were used at Rio 2016. Not only did the scoreboards have colour images but they now have new technology incorporated that was aimed at further improving the spectator experience. All public arenas were fitted with the colour displays. The displays in the golf courses where fitted with a radar measuring system. In archery the score boards are directly linked to the sensors on the traditional paper. These transmit accurate information on the score only one second after the arrow has hit.

The Olympics were certainly more entertaining because of these innovations. Maybe Omega will design a system to better help online gamblers to keep within the time they have set to spend at online casinos. You can visit for online casino games.

Rohit Shetty

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