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Review of datapine’s SQL Query Builder



If you’re already familiar with SQL, you know it’s a crucial tool to extract data from your databases. There are a lot of tools where you can type in your code to make SQL queries, we believe choosing the right tool isn’t a trivial task. It can sometimes be a strenuous process if you’re not entirely familiar with SQL or if you’d like your non-technical colleagues to make SQL queries of their own. Hence, you might need a tool that lets you make SQL queries without using code. That’s exactly what datapine provides, a tool that visually allows you to make SQL queries.

The SaaS datapine tool, let’s you drag-and-drop data fields into your SQL code so you can visualize and share your data. This means you do not necessarily need to draft your SQL queries. If you’re familiar or even well versed with SQL code, you can apply your own code right in datapine’s SQL box. This way you aren’t limited by its drag and drop interface.

Features from datapine’s SQL query builder

– Execute your own SQL queries using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

– Let’s you build interactive and customizable dashboards

– Connects directly to your SQL database both remotely or using their high-speed server service

What you’ll find in datapine’s SQL Query Builder is a tool to build complex queries quickly. In light of this, you must have an idea of what kind of data you’d like to get out of SQL. A uniquely functional part of datapine’s tool is how it’s designed to allow anyone from your team to start building meaningful charts. This makes the tool easy, convenient and powerful. It supports all SQL databases, like Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

Once you’ve made your queries and created your charts, you can save them in dashboards. These dashboards can have multiple charts and tables that viewers can filter down with their own criteria. These reports can in turn be shared via reports in a static format in PDF, PNG or even in Excel. This way, you make the best of your SQL queries by sharing them with the people that might benefit most from your insights.

Other worthwhile benefits from datapine

– Make your queries from your tablet or browser, as long as you have internet access you’ll have access to datapine

– Use a hybrid mixture of both SQL code and by dragging-and-dropping data fields

– Access multiple sources, make charts and tables from SQL, and bring onboard data from your .csv files.

In conclusion, the SQL Query Builder from datapine is powerful, intuitive and easy to adapt across your company’s different teams. Because datapine’s mission is to make it as easy as possible to understand and communicate your data, every part of the user experience is pleasant to use. Their tool is vastly different from competing tools, that in contrast often seem bloated, hard to use and require a great deal of time to launch and learn the tool My Update Web.

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