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What is a website? Most folks say that it’s just a package deal of related web pages that are proven in a browser. Meanwhile, we handiest see the end of the iceberg and the idea of this notion is lots broader. A website is a complicated ramified system with lots of interacting internal and outer mechanisms which can be in fee of its overall performance and functioning. And amongst other matters a domain’s ratings rely upon is how great-tuned and properly-maintained these mechanisms are. Thus a normal SEO health takes a look at is a should-do-element for an internet site to be covered into Google’s page #1 list.

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The 6 key search engine optimization fitness check factors that could help your website shoot to Google’s pinnacle are subsequent:

Duplicate Content

If you need to have a domain that excellently performs over a big range of serps you have to fill it with particular top rate first-class content. But once you do that and development in your rankings you cannot rest on your laurels and should constantly live for your defend. The factor is that someone may additionally scouse borrow your content material and region it on their very own websites. Though it’s going to hardly ever help scrapers to outrank you, however, that could adversely affect your website scores. The serps are rather strict approximately duplicate content, so once they do they’ll pull your website ratings down. Thus running ordinary duplicate content checks can help to cast off reproduction content troubles.


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Reviewing your key phrases is likewise an imperative part of a search engine optimization health test. First, you need to run in-intensity keyword research and unearth the proper key phrases with the intention to pave you the manner of domination on your market area of interest. Then your goal some of them to optimize your web pages’ elements for. And on the very last degree must continuously take a look at what search engine optimization blessings those keywords bring. If they don’t carry any you have to both rethink your on-page optimization strategies or try to find out a few different click on-effective key phrases.

Meta Descriptions and Titles

If an internet site receives up to date with new content material on a normal basis one had better avoid duplicates in Titles and Meta descriptions. Having the equal Title or Meta tags on a couple of web page confuses seek engine spiders, who assume that you are trying to junk mail Search Engines to get higher scores. That can also have an adverse effect on your internet site’s function in seek effects. To keep away from all those issues you must analyze your internet site far and huge and vary all Titles and Meta Descriptions. If you well range them it indicates to Google crawlers that your internet site pages have honestly original content material.

Broken Links

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A website system is constantly present process numerous modifications: pages get updated, changed, or eliminated absolutely leaving broken hyperlinks- the black marks at the frame of your website. They distract from the credibility of your internet site and keep again your rating development. Checking your website across-the-board and disposing of all broken links now not most effective improves your website’s search engine marketing performance, however additionally ensures that your site visitors’ revel in is usually at its nice.

Page Code Validation

‘Clean’ HTML and CSS code of your internet site are also one of the required conditions to progress in search consequences. Since the mid-nineties, the W3C has set the suggestions in step with which websites and web pages need to be based and designed. (The abbreviation W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium – the primary worldwide standards enterprise for the World Wide Web.) According to W3C standards, you ought to often check CSS and HTML code throughout your website, do away with the mistakes and easy up needless coding. If your internet site is HTML and CSS coding errors-loose seek engine spiders can crawl it in miles better and efficient way plus its pages are higher displayed in web-browsers.

There are many things you can do to get more visitors, but one of the first things you need to do is optimize your weblog for the search engines like google. If the search engines like google and yahoo do not be aware your blog, you’re not going to get plenty of traffic, at the least now not the loose kind. Here are 8 guidelines to optimize your WordPress blog for search engine optimization.

Keyword Research

Your Main Keyword

As you will see the rest of this newsletter it is important to have a number one keyword that you are going after. This is the key-word that you want the homepage of your weblog to rank for.

It should be associated with your niche, have decent traffic but not be overly aggressive so you can rank for it realistically within the long term. For instance, I have these days determined to move after “Network Marketing Online” which has first-rate visitors but through the years can realistically be ranked towards the top.

Once you’ve got decided to your key-word, positioned it on your name tag, heading and the anchor textual content of back-links. As a widespread rule of thumb, the sooner the keyword seems in a title, permalink or body reproduction the better.

Sub Keywords

You need to additionally do keyword research for each new weblog submit and page which you create, although you will commonly need to move after less competitive key phrases than your blog’s main keyword.

Make sure the keyword appears in each weblog title, permalink and 2 or three times within the frame of the publish especially in the first and ultimate paragraph or maybe sentence if viable. Again the earlier you may have the keyword in the name, permalink and frame the better.

Title Tags

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The title tag might be the most important onsite issue and in case you don’t get this right, you are leaving a lot of visitors on the desk. Best practice for identify tags is to consist of your brand name + 1 or 2 of your websites MAIN key phrases.

Hopefully, you know what keywords you need your weblog to rank for. If not go and discover some correct key phrases to your niche now! (I simply did a video on Free search engine marketing Keyword research in an earlier blog submit that you can take a look at out).

You can select to leave the logo or blog name out of the title tag. Leaving it out can enhance your scores slightly (as you’ve got probably were given the brand/weblog call in the area name) however leaving it in can assist construct your emblem, so this one up to you.

Search engines have a personal limit on title tags for what suggests up in the search engines end result web page. Each seeks engine has a different limit, however, keeping your title tag too much less than sixty-five characters such as spaces can be underneath the person restrict of the main search engines like google.

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