SEO Tips We Can All Use

Search engine optimization is certainly not new, but SEO is more important than ever before. If you do not have your site optimized, you won’t receive much traffic from the search engines. Your website can live or die based on search, and how you handle that can profoundly impact your bottom line.

Your Scope

What is your website about? It must feature just one topic and a fairly narrow one at that. For instance, if you cover the automotive sector, you have a vast field. You can narrow matters by concentrating on classic cars, new cars, car reviews, or a particular brand, such as Ford or Toyota. Narrowing your focus can help you stand out. This is especially important when you are launching a new site and are going up against some big-time players.

Keywords Matter

You know which keywords are important to your business. Those keywords should be identified, used, and used again. This means making a list of those keywords with the intent on succeeding for each one. Use keywords everywhere — in your titles, headings, within your articles, on your website’s sidebar, in the “alt” tags, the website’s description; you name it. Of course, you do not want to stuff them, and that is why you must use each one but balance them out throughout your website.

Link Like You Mean It

Some of the best links on your website are to other pages and articles already on your site. Be careful here that you do not do this haphazardly — your links should point to relative pages. For instance, if your conversation is about aftermarket parts, then find other articles on your site to link to with that topic emphasized. Then link from your old articles to your new articles to cover all bases. A strong internal linking scheme makes it easier for your related pages to rank with the search engines.

Site Load is Critical

We all love to add those little widgets, photos, and resources that give our site some pop. After all, when you are small potatoes, you need every edge to help make your site stand out. You do not want to encumber your website with needless information, which could slow down your site. Sure, the self-loading video looks great, but it is slowing down your site, and your visitors are leaving before it finishes loading. That’s not good!

Frequent Updates Are Smart

Your website is battling other websites. And that means your content must be on level ground with these other sites.
It is important for you to update your content regularly, at least three times per week, if not more. That means adding new content and going through your older content to add links and update your information. Fresh content gets priority from the search engines, so don’t neglect this.

Social Media is Important

Your off-site work should also join your onsite SEO efforts. This means a presence on social media, one that is visible, strategic, and well done. Use the top social media websites to tell people about the changes on your website. This means making use of Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Build your presence on those sites to bring people to your site.

SEO Efforts

Your SEO efforts will never end, but that is a good thing. You need to maintain your visibility, something you can do by keeping tabs on your analytics and making adjustments as needed. Also, consider the work of a local SEO services company to help your campaign.

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