Seven Things We Know About Life After Death

This nonjudgmental, non-sectarian, and non-fear-primarily based dialogue of the afterlife is based on studies, historical wisdom, and recorded person reviews. The seven assurances below allow us to view demise extra objectively and incorporate new ideas into our lives as we are facing our subsequent exceptional journey.

What We Know:

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1. We know the soul does not experience an ache in the loss of life process. While the body does feel pain, medicine can assist in alleviating any soreness.

2. We understand, from close to dying reports or NDEs, that souls are greeted via cherished ones or courses and are directed into the mild. The image of a tunnel of light or a gap of mild appears to be constant in all debts. Books and films, based on actual studies, describe an all-encompassing loving feeling. Dying is an extraordinary journey.

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3. We understand that letting the cross is important. We ought to launch cherished ones so that you can die and pass on. If now not, they’ll get caught with the electricity or issues protecting them returned. The equal is actual for us. We should permit ourselves to die and flow on, not letting any bad strength from ourselves or family contributors restrict us. We can put it together by releasing worry now for you to be prepared and embracing the transition while the loss of life processes.

Four. We know we are by no means alone in the course of our passing. Someone is continually there to help. Souls aren’t left via themselves unless with the aid of preference. We never die in isolation. We can call upon nonsecular figures, such as Buddha, Jesus, or Mary, or name upon a religious guide, guru, teacher, or cherished ones. Most people have died earlier than, so the process is greater of a remembering than gaining knowledge of.

5. We understand that unfastened will does now not disappear after death. There are continual picks. What we reveal, on the other side, is associated with our religious focus or recognition while in the world. What matters is what we’ve got performed at some point in life and our state of mind or expectations for the time being of dying. We convey the whole thing to us, even regrets, addictions, and obsessions. Knowing this, we are wise to heal those troubles earlier than the loss of life.

All paths are one-of-a-kind. A soul’s progression relies upon picks, with more alternatives available as we boost spiritually. We need to not count on our reviews to be similar to others. We are precise beings in lifestyles and an afterlife.

6. We recognize that there is mostly a life evaluation after the loss of life. There is no judgment, but, besides from ourselves. One question is, “Did we do what we got down to do in this lifetime?” If we died these days, what might we be saying in our Life Review? How could we judge ourselves? If there are problems of concern, there may be time to change any deficiencies now. If we take delivery of our lives due to the fact we attempted, we will circulate forward and do even better. Our intentions are what we decide, not results. We aren’t expected to be the best; we are anticipated to be pleased we can be and to learn from our mistakes. A life evaluation done now can help that procedure.

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During this time, we normally meet our soul group, which may be small or huge. These are souls with whom we’ve lived and worked formerly. Reuniting is like going to a reunion and meeting antique friends and is one of the afterlife joys. Not only are we not by myself, however additionally, but we’re also once more part of a close family of souls, lots of whom we spent lifetimes with on earth in diverse relationships and all of whom we knew from our previous lives between lives.

7. We understand there are many opportunities for us within the afterlife. We determine where to go and what to do, primarily based on development from our most current incarnation. We usually have picks about resting for a while, education for our subsequent incarnation, or staying in existence among lives to research, educate or enjoy new thoughts.

Michael Newton, Ph.D. In Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives mentions five principal specialties for souls beyond this existence. He files his use of hypnosis to look at what participants skilled at some point in their time between lives on this planet. In all likelihood, there are more than the 5, but each gives many layers and opportunities.

Which one would you choose and/or which one is comparable or associated with paintings you’re already doing? We typically have a feel of the destiny that feels appropriate. Knowing feasible alternatives would possibly permit us to begin preparing now.

Nursery Teachers

Nursery teachers are the caretakers of younger souls. There are three opportunities: assisting young souls who have now not but started their incarnations on the planet or somewhere else, coaching new teachers, or learning approaches to exceptional help the young. Maybe everybody starts here because many of us emerge as, ultimately, like publications or teachers. Either way, this is important work, supporting new souls before they start their first adventure.


These souls deal with moral codes and concepts associated with goal values crucial to human development on the earth and in other smart societies. Some who make this desire may be teaching publications to assist souls between lives and those on this planet. There are special roles: teaching others to be ethicists in training, being an ethicist guide to souls on the planet or elsewhere, or being an ethicist researcher backstage in methods we in all likelihood cannot even consider.

As defined via Newton, we emphasize private reputation and elitism because it seems to be ours out of place definition of “happiness” on earth. A lesson associated with morality and ethics is for souls to be self-reliant whilst trying happiness for society as an entire. The hassle we encounter on this planet is that we can get stuck inside this planet’s density and lose what we realize and experience. Ethicists assist with that battle.


Harmonizers is a large category with many companies and subgroups. These humans commonly incarnate as communicators, inspirational humans, negotiators, artists, musicians, and writers. In-between lives, they paintings on restoring disrupted energy on the planet. They aren’t healers on an individual stage, however, on a larger scale. Harmonizers help preserves wonderful strength around calmer heads who could distinguish, but harmonizers cannot orchestrate resolutions. They can help those who ask for help. Guides in no way interfere with an unfastened will.

No, it is easy to influence human beings’ activities without the specific request for such assistance. Harmonizers do. However, ship calming power or maintain constant energy for changes taking area. Harmonizers assist with winds, hearth, earthquakes, and human-created screw ups to melt any detrimental aftermath. They cannot forestall or interrupt catastrophes, handiest help afterward.

Masters of Designs

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These humans paintings within the bodily universe to design the planetary floor functions on uninhabited planets. They also create life paperwork. Understanding this work calls for being open to the opportunities of many different planets in various tiers of civilizations and improvement with new ones being introduced usually. Master Designers do landscaping with new vegetation, create new animals, and/or change evolution to help vegetation and animals on current planets. If the thought of designing a new domestic or office is interesting, can we even consider the thrill of constructing an entire planet?


Explorers do precisely what the name shows: travel to new regions. Explorers locate viable new worlds in their travels that the Master Designers will then layout. There are bodily worlds, intellectual worlds, and worlds in different dimensions. The work of the Explorers is also to find suitable education websites for much less-experienced explorers. These appear to be the adventurous souls who like travel, the challenges of various environments, and new kinds of self-expression.

Most people resonate with one of the five specialties. Isn’t it a laugh to suppose of those potential new lives that look ahead to us after we depart this lifetime? What we know approximately the afterlife assures us now not to fear death. The enjoyment of leaving this life is a painless passing for our souls, a completely happy revel in reuniting with loved ones, and a need to permit movement and release ourselves and near family. Loved ones or spiritual publications assist our passing, loose will, and assuming duties for our actions retain. An existence evaluation assesses our achievement as we meet vintage pals and new impossible opportunities look ahead to us. A focus of all of these inspire us to be organized for our eventual passing and, possibly, to be extra at peace in the remainder of this lifetime.

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