How to Install Synthetic Grass

Are you tired of spending warm summer days mowing the lawn? Join the club! With so much regular maintenance required to upkeep your yard, it’s no wonder synthetic grass is becoming more popular. Imagine a lush, green lawn that can withstand any weather conditions and is low maintenance. What could be better? If you’re ready for your own low-maintenance lawn, find out how to install synthetic grass.

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Measure the area

The first thing you’ll need to do to install synthetic grass in your home is to measure the space. You should always measure before you start doing anything! This will let you know how much synthetic grass you need to cover the area completely.

Remove any existing grass.

Once you’ve measured the area, you’ll need to get rid of any grass or vegetation currently on your lawn. This will require removing a few inches of grass and soil with a shovel. After everything has been removed, spray weed killer all over the area. This will prevent anything from growing underneath your synthetic grass Plan Trussler.

Put in a base

Then, you’ll need to install a base of crushed stone aggregate or decomposed granite. This will go directly underneath your synthetic grass, so you’ll need to make sure the base is level. However, you may want a very slight slope at one point so that any water run-off can drain properly.

Install a weed barrier

The last step you’ll need to take before actually laying down the synthetic grass is to install a weed barrier. This should prevent any weeds or vegetation from coming through and disrupting the appearance of your grass.

Lay down the grass

Now it’s time to lay down the synthetic grass! Remember, the number of sections you’ll need to roll out depends on the measurements you took and the size of the grass pieces. Lay down the grass until all areas are completely covered. You may need to cut certain sections so they’ll fit exactly; it all depends on your space. Once the synthetic grass has been laid down, you will need to attach it along the edges using nails.

Add fill materials

You’re almost finished! You’ll need to install what is known as the fill materials. These can include sand, small rocks, stone dust, and compounded earth. They should be distributed evenly over your synthetic grass to keep the grass blades looking picture perfect. If you feel overwhelmed by any of the installation steps, find out more information about synthetic grass.

Finishing touches

To finish off your synthetic grass installation, you’ll need a medium-bristled brush. Brush through the area to fluff up the grass and make sure the fill materials are evenly spread. Now that you know how to install synthetic grass at home, it’s time to go out and do it! You’re sure to enjoy your beautiful new lawn.

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