One in ten UK homes don’t have access to the

And almost 3 in ten people aged sixty-five homes and older say they have in no way one used a computer, in keeping with the Office access for National Statistics. Then in step with cent of British houses don’t have any get admission to the web, figures out the day past discovered
ALAMY 2 tesla home battery Ten in line with cent of British homes don’t have any get entry to the web, figures out the day before this revealed The least linked location of the united states of America is the North East, wherein 18 percent of families do not have net get admission to, accompanied with the aid of Wales (sixteen in line with cent) and the East Midlands (13 percent). London and the South East have the very best figures for net get admission to, with ninety-four according to cent of households connected.

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The essential cause given for no longer having the internet — by way of sixty-four in keeping with cent — became they felt it changed into “now not beneficial or thrilling,” whilst 20 in line with cent stated they would now not recognize the way to use it. About half of all pensioners use computers, especially for reading online newspapers and magazines home the movie. Youngsters’ fundamental use for the internet turned into logging directly to social media sites along with Facebook and Twitter. Overall get right of entry to the net has shot up through half in view that 2006, from 61 in keeping with the cent to 90 in step with cent. But 8 in keeping with cent said they felt the prices of the net usage had been too excessive.

You must already be familiar with data [data: information without context, for example, a list of students with serial numbers, is data. When these figures represent the placement in a 100-meter race, the data becomes an information] and computer misuse [the data stored electronically is easier to access]; with software [software: a general term used to describe an application or program], which may not be reproduced without permission. The consequences lead to Software piracy [piracy: the acquisition, benefit from the use or making changes to copyright material without prior permission]; and hacking, and can lead to data corruption; accidental or deliberate. Types of Computer Misuses free access 2013 download.

Misuse of computers and communication can be in different forms:


Hacking is when an unauthorized person uses a network [Network: A group of interconnected computers]and an Internet modem [modem: a piece of hardware that connects the computer to the Internet] to access security passwords other security data stored on another computer. Hackers sometimes use software hacking tools and often target some sites on the Internet. Their exploitation is not only limited to private networks but also government and corporate computer networks.

Misuse of data and unauthorized transfer or copy awesome words starting with d.

Copying and illegally transferring data quickly and easily online using computers and large storage devices such as hard disk drives [HDD: a device used to store large volumes of data, on a hard disk], memory sticks [memory stick: a thumb-sized portable storage device mainly used for transferring files between computers] and DVDs [Digital Versatile Disc- used to store data, for example, a film]. Personal data, company research, and written work, such as novels and textbooks, cannot be reproduced without the copyright holder’s permission.

Copying and distribution of copyright software, music, and film

This also applies to copying music and movies to circulate on the Internet without the copyrights [copyright: Indicates the creator of an original piece of work and controller of the publication, distribution, and adaptation] authorization holder. This is a widespread misuse of both computers and the Internet that overlooks the copyrights rules and regulations.


A large part of indecent material and pornography is available via the Internet and stored in electronic form. Several cases of materials are classified as illegal, or that show illegal acts, found stored on computers, liable to prosecution for possession of these materials.

Identity and financial misuses

This topic covers misuse of stolen credit card numbers to obtain goods or services on the Internet and computers in financial frauds. These can range from complex well thought deceptions to simple applications, such as printing counterfeit currency using color printers.


Do you think with the skill set you have and the digital tools available to you, you can rather work from home other than going to the office, working 9-5? How about there being a balance between the two? Can working from home gradually become the norm? In my opinion, if you are an IT person, there should be some flexibility in working 9-5 regularly at the office. The authorities involved should seriously give it a thought. Almost everybody nowadays owns a laptop and having internet availability and digital tools in hand; they can work anytime in the comfort of their home rather than following a strict 9-5 schedule.


Although working from home is the modern approach, many IT firms still make it a point to work regularly in the office. So I think there can be some balance between the two options. For instance, working from home thrice a week and going to the office twice a week would be a good work schedule. I think productivity is more this way because the individual gets a lot of rest, sleep, and home cooked food, which gives them the ability to work efficiently with renewed vigor and energy. The less the work pressure in the morning about getting dressed, setting for office by car through the traffic jam to be on time, the better the individual will feel. He gets more freedom, enjoys quality family time, and also works comfortably from home this way.

In a relaxed way, the person can also sign up for online courses and amplify his expertise if he does not have to spend all five days at the office. That way, he achieves a greater skill set, which will be good for his company because he is now in a better position to tackle harder and longer projects, beating all the odds. A company does need skilled and competent employees. If by staying and working from home, employees can be of greater service, the company has nothing to lose but rather gain a lot. There can be deadlines for projects in the usual way – the only difference is that the employees get their work done by spending more time at home, gotcha?

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