Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

As the days pass by, mobiles or smartphones are becoming closer to our daily life, and nowadays, a smartphone is of great importance, and you can do half of your daily chores with your smartphone only. So there may be people who might be thinking about transferring contacts from Android to the computer, then your answer is Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

This software is capable of doing multiple tasks with ease and proficiency. It enables the user to control and manage their Android device on their PC. You can save backup Android phone to PC. It allows the user to completely control the Android device through their PC and do everything without limitations. It is a complete package that enables the user to do any task through their PC. Some of the key features of Vibosoft Android Manager are as follows:

  • Vibosoft Android Manager can be used efficiently to store your phone’s data back up, and you can easily clone the files in your Android device to your PC. From this backup, you can also restore these data to your phone when in need. This amazing system of saving a backup and restoring those data from the back up is handy.
  • To free your phone’s memory from messages, this software has a fast option of exporting all the text messages from your mobile’s memory to your computer.
  • Vibosoft Android Manager helps the user directly import all the contacts from your Android device to your PC. The contact list is a handy thing, and you should always keep a back-up of it.
  • You can perform tasks like editing messages, deleting contacts, and any more through your PC only. It gives all the control to the user from their personal computer.
  • You can edit messages and contacts from your computer. It also allows the user to create text messages and send them to other phones via computer.
  • With Vibosoft Android Manager, all the files and folders in your SD card and phone memory can be managed easily.
  • The application supports the drag and drops technique, thus making it easier for the user to manage all the contents in your phone through their PC.

These were some of the most amazing and unique features of Vibosoft Android Manager. It can be considered one of the best tools for managing files and performing tasks from your PC by connecting your Android device via USB cable to the PC. So don’t wait and install this amazing application for managing Android devices from a computer.

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