3 Reasons You Need Insurance When You Travel

You might think you’ve checked off everything on your list while traveling, whether it’s double-checking visa requirements or saving a copy of your passport in cloud storage just in case it goes missing. But one thing many people overlook is the need for quality insurance. Traveler’s insurance is very affordable and designed to protect you in case the worst happens. Traveling out of the country is exciting and risky, especially if you don’t have proper safeguards. Your health insurance back in the US is basically useless, and even Medicare and Medicaid offer limited foreign coverage. Don’t forget to tick this must-do off your list before booking your flight.


Here are the three top reasons everyone needs insurance for traveling.

1. You never know

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to a country or region that’s considered safe or dangerous. You might have a mishap while ziplining, get into a car accident, or slip and fall on a sidewalk — pretty much anything that can happen to you at home can happen abroad. However, you’re at a higher risk because you don’t know the area. There’s a reason so many British streets have “look left” painted on the sidewalks; American tourists can’t seem to get the hang of cars headed the other direction in front of them. One would hope you wouldn’t risk living in the US without health insurance, and you should take the same precautions abroad. You can play it safe all you want, but sometimes a disaster is out of your control. A wayward cab, sudden development of cellulitis that demands treatment, or even a shingles attack brought on by travel stress can land you in a hospital. Without coverage, that’s just the beginning of your troubles, Sky Birds.

2. The cost-benefit analysis

Some people skip traveler’s insurance because they don’t want to spend the extra money. However, try to figure out just how much a hospital stays in a foreign country costs. It might be drastically lower than a stay in a US hospital, but it’s not going to be cheaper than traveler’s insurance. Going without is a gamble, and even though you might win, you’re going to lose big if you lose. In many countries, such as Costa Rica, you’ll want to be in a private hospital that’s much more expensive. While you might think you can tough it out in a public hospital, your tune will likely change if you’re standing in a line wrapped around blocks to get into the public ER.

Think of how hurt or ill you might be feeling then.

3. It’s your easiest travel item

Getting a great rate for traveler’s insurance is a lot quicker and easier than you think. Choose a quality online source to compare rates, get insured, obtain proof, and you’ll be on your way. This is perhaps the fastest and easiest to-do item to take care of, so don’t delay. In the future, you will thank you for it.

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