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This Life and Outgrowing God review – heaven, atheism and what gives life meaning

Years ago, the magazine US Catholic ran a headline that had the air of being written by a devout believer who had just had an appalling realization: “Heaven: Will It Be Boring?” If he believed in heaven, the Swedish philosopher Martin Hägglund would answer with an unequivocal yes. And not merely boring: utterly devoid of...


FIRST CONTACT? Nasa scientist says ‘we’re close’ to big screen about lifestyles on Mars

A TOP scientist at Nasa says the organization will soon disclose something “progressive” approximately alien lifeforms. Planetary Science Division Director Dr. Jim Green boasted the agency is close to “making a few announcements” about locating existence on Mars — however, that we’re not ready for it. Speaking to the Telegraph, he warned that the arena...


Back to Life Is the Next Must-Watch Show for Fleabag Fans

Even before it ruled the Emmys, Fleabag became sure to loom huge over Showtime’s Back to Life. Besides sharing a couple of government producers, Harry and Jack Williams, both British imports, cast their author-stars as girls who’ve been deemed terminally unlovable. Both have six-episode seasons built around the ones characters’ secrets. They share witty, concise...


11 Ways Computer Viruses Are Spread

It is the worst nightmare of every laptop consumer: you wake up at some point and realize which you have a pandemic, and you do not know pretty the way to take it away. These days, most humans apprehend what a plague is and how harmful it can be, but they’re still fairly uncertain how...