• The Beauty of Critical The Beauty of Critical Thinking Read more >

    The Beauty of Critical The Beauty of Critical Thinking

    My father became Muslim. My mother is Christian. Early on of their marriage, they determined their love was more essential than their respective religions, to in no way combat over it, to expose their children to both, and let them determine.   By the time I became five years antique, I realized my mother and […]

  • Rihanna announces Beauty Read more >

    Rihanna announces Beauty

    Rihanna has made a massive Fenty Beauty declaration – the drop date. Not content material with ruling the charts and having a burgeoning Hollywood career, Rihanna has additionally tackled the style global together with her Fenty collection for Puma. And the famous person, complete call Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is ready to take the beauty world […]

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