4 Reasons Businesses Should Give Back and Support Foster Care Charities

With increasing pressure on the federal budget and the shrinking funds of most U.S. households, it’s become more important than ever for businesses to give back to the communities and causes important to employees, owners, and customers alike. There are thousands of charitable paths that can be pursued. In this article, we’ll give you four reasons to consider supporting foster care charities with your business operations.


1. It’s become the norm, and your competitors are doing it

Corporate giving is on the rise, and consumer pressures may be behind the new trend, as well as tax incentives. Regardless of the cause, it’s a tactic that companies can build a brand around. You can help your customers understand that a portion of whatever they spend with your business will benefit charitable causes. And with the increasing level of impoverished children in the country, there’s perhaps no better cause than foster care organizations.

2. Foster child support is needed more than ever

With the economic downturn, it’s become even more difficult for foster children to have a safety net in the way of family friends and relatives, who might have been able to care for orphaned children in a time of greater economic prosperity. As a result, a whopping 17,900,000 orphaned children live in orphanages and foster care facilities worldwide and need funding or a place to call home.

3. Foster care charities help to raise the bar for humanity

Many businesses give to educational charities for a somewhat selfish reason: smarter children make a better workforce, which is good for business in the long run. In this instance, charitable giving that has long-term benefits for businesses isn’t such a bad thing. We all benefit from a higher quality of education and easier access to it. Foster children have a greatly reduced chance of finishing high school or attending college, even though 70% of foster children desire to receive a college education. The reasons are not hard to identify. It’s difficult to focus on education when life is unstable at home, especially if you’re being transferred to three or more placements and new homes in the course of your childhood, as happens to more than half of all foster children. Supporting foster charities reduces these stressful outcomes and increases access to education for orphans locally and worldwide.

4. The benefits are greater than you can imagine

Perhaps your business originally became interested in supporting charitable causes because of a tax incentive or pressure from employees or customers. Still, however a business decides to support a charity, it can pay dividends that can’t be quantified. This is especially true in foster care charities and the positive outcomes that occur when those charities are supported.

Imagine hearing the story of a child who can find a permanent home with a stable and loving family, who goes on to finish a high school degree, and possibly even a college degree. If that was possible due to the support given by your business, it’s a feeling that you can’t describe until it happens. Another amazing experience that charitable support enables is recruiting foster parents to further the mission of giving opportunities to orphaned children. For peoplewho are considering the very fulfilling life of a foster parent, charities’ financial support is vital in finding those parents and assisting them as needed!

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