7 Tips for Choosing Where to Advertise Your Online Ads

7 Tips for Choosing Where to Advertise Your Online Ads 1

Are you looking for where to post your ads online? Online ads cover all the internet-based channels helping advertisers reach a large audience. It makes advertising a lot easier compared to traditional means.

Did you know that small businesses spend 1.08% of their revenue on advertising? Even small businesses need to advertise themselves to boost sales. It makes ad platforms crucial to building and maintaining a business.

But where should you post your ads? Read more for the seven tips in choosing where to post your online ads.

1. Go With Google Ads

It’s no surprise that Google Ads would be top on the list. Google is the most used search engine to find what to do, where to go, and when to do it.

Google Ads gets in front of customers. Digital ads would appear based on what people search on the platform. Customers find what they are looking for and would also likely click on your ad.

2. Facebook Ads for Online Marketing

Facebook coverage is not as vast compared to Google. But it has more options when it comes to targeted advertising.

Facebook offers many ways of narrowing down who will see your ads. This option is helpful if your digital marketing strategy is for a specific audience.

You can take advantage of Facebook’s offers for advertisement locations. It offers apps as ad platforms like FB Live, FB Marketplace, and FB Messenger. If you need more, you can check Google or Facebook PPC ads to help you decide.

3. Ease Things With Email Advertising

Using email for advertising is one of the marketing strategies still used today. It is an effective way to advertise your product or business because it is fast and easy to use.

Advertising via email does not cost much, and you can track the results. But make sure to only send the emails to people who agree to receive from your company.

4. YouTubers Advertising on YouTube

Did you know that YouTubers can earn around $55,000 per month from ad revenue? But this requires good ad placements by the content creator. Although, YouTubers need to incorporate your ad into their content to make it effective.

5. Try It on TikTok

Most ads will have rules, like cutting them down to five or 10 seconds. Posting your ad on TikTok will blend in with the short videos that most TickTokers post.

6. It’s Easy With Instagram

Facebook was able to get Instagram in 2012, and now you can share your ads on two fronts. When using Instagram, your ads will appear on users or their stories. But as an advertiser, sponsored content can help spread your ads even faster.

7. Link Up With LinkedIn

If you are advertising to other businesses, LinkedIn is your best choice. They have options to help you target your ads based on the company size and more.

You can use conversation ads that help grow your buyer’s journey with LinkedIn.

Knowing where to place your online ads depends on your goal, customer, and budget. If you want more range, using Google Ads can help you. But If you are looking for specific customers, Facebook will do the trick.

Pick where to place your online ads by following these tips. Discover more content like this by checking our other blog posts on different topics.

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