How to determine Quality of Gold Bangles through weight

Gold jewelry has evolved through the ages, with what was once worn only as a traditional ensemble is now an everyday accessory. It is not like you have to wear typical solid 10-gram gold bangles just because you love to wear bangles. You can opt for lighter 4 grams, too, with designs that will mesmerize you and everyone who sees it. Apart from being an accessory, gold jewelry is also an asset. As you have heard the saying, these are investments, like gold, that does not let you down when you need cash, but the cash will only be flowing if the gold is pure and of superior quality.

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How to Determine the Quality of Gold:

Gold at its purest form is 24k at not fit to be made into jewelry as it is soft and pliable due to its less density; hence other metals are often mixed with gold forming an alloy, which is then used for making jewelry. This leads us to the 22k, 18k, 10k varieties of gold. The usual mathematics for knowing the percentage of gold in these karats is dividing the karat value on the jewelry by 24 and then multiplying it by 100. So, 22k gold means it has [(22/24)*100] 91.66% pure gold and an alloy.

The quality of gold cannot be measured by weighing it. One of the methods is knowing the specific gravity of gold and then using the Archimedes’ displacement method to get the volume of the gold jewelry and then calculate its density. Also, calculate its specific density and then compare it with the value of the pure gold chart. But, it is not fun to roam around stores with the Eureka can, and all these calculations are fun for mathematics nerds, so here are 5 ways to test the quality of gold at home:

  1. The self-explanatory test checks the jeweler’s hallmark and stamps with the date of making engraved on the gold piece. Usually, it is authentic because faking it is a criminal offense.
  2. You can use a touchstone and nitric acid to conduct another test. Scratch the gold jewelry surface on the touchstone and apply a drop of nitric acid on that scratch. Higher content of gold will make the mark vanish lesser.
  3. By weight, gold jewelry will be heavier than gold-plated jewelry, and scratching fake gold jewelry will leave a mark of erosion.
  4. The purer the gold, the softer will be the piece. You can use your hands and press the jewelry. 22k gold will give in more to the pressure than 18k gold. You can even bite it to test the softness and purity of the jewelry.
  5. The color of gold also depends on the karat of the gold. 24k gold is reddish yellow in color, and the color sort of fades as the karat value diminishes because it depends on the impurities mixed with the metal.

Gold jewelries are the necessities and pride of men and women alike. But it is wise to be careful while investing. Suppose you buy unique gold bangles designs in 20 grams, and over time, it turns out to be fake.

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