Let’s have five Deputy CMs if it improves regulation & order: Pilot

New Delhi: Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot has stated the nation ought to have four more deputy leader ministers if it might ‘enhance’ law and order.
“I don’t recognize approximately this sort of issue. If it enables improve law and order and in waiving farmers’ loans, then have five deputy leader ministers,” Pilot instructed ET when asked approximately the opportunity of the country getting a 2d deputy CM.
There were reviews that Gehlot turned into willing to hire one more deputy leader minister, even though he has now not stated something on the matter. A chief close to Gehlot, but, instructed ET this turned into a possibility. “There isn’t any dialogue yet; however in politics, there is constantly a possibility. In the past, too, we’ve got had two deputy chief ministers,” the chief stated. In 2003, Gehlot had Banwari Lal Bairwa and Kamla Beniwal as deputy CMs.

Pilot, who also is the nation Congress leader, has questio ned the government on the ‘deteriorating’ law and order twice before, in an obvious grievance of leader minister Ashok Gehlot who holds the housing portfolio. The leaders have been at loggerheads because of the formation of the new government. Recently, some leaders had raised a query on Pilot conserving posts, and he strongly reacted to it. Gehlot’s arms had been bolstered lately after six BSP MLAs joined the
Congress to take the birthday celebration to discern to 106. Sources indicated that Gehlot had kept Pilot out of the loop, although the latter denied it.
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