Top Five Smart Phone Home Security Apps

Since the invention of smart phones and tablets, app technology has continually advanced. Not only can users enjoy entertainment apps, they can also utilize technology apps, such as ones that boost home security.

These top five apps keep your home under lock and key, easing your concerns over the well-being of your home while you are away:

  1. Pulse by ADT (Available for ADT Customers)

forticksAccording to the United States government, 2014 had more than 2 million reported burglaries, or one about every 15 seconds. In larger, high-crime cities, some of the crime statistics are startling. With more and more people looking to update their home with a new security and automation system, more and more security companies are providing the highest technology security.

ADT, one of the most well-known security companies, has a home automation app that allows users to check the status of their home through their app. This app offers advanced services that allows users to manage their ADT service by remotely arming and disarming the user’s home alarm, receiving text messages and email alerts about family members arriving home safely, and viewing a live video feed of their home.

Pricing of home security varies by package, thus be sure to check out in order to find the right price for your family.

  1. iCam ($4.99; iPhone and Android)

With this app, you can easily monitor multiple home security cameras set inside of your home. Not only can you check in on your home through its live stream capability, if the motion sensor is triggered on any of the cameras, you will automatically receive a notification on your phone.

  1. Secure Home ($4.99; iPhone)

This app, through a built-in microphone on your desktop computer, monitors the home by listening for noises that indicate an intruder or a possible intruder. If an intruder is suspected, the app will both sound an alarm through the computer speakers as well as send an email alert to your phone.

  1. At Home (iPhone and Android)

The At Home app connects to your home computer, transforming the camera capability into a surveillance camera. This app must be activated through a smart phone or tablet, and can be downloaded as the At Home Camera Free. Next, you need to download the At Home Video Streamer onto your home computer in order to stream surveillance video.

These two apps work together. When the computer app detects motion, a 30-second video will automatically be recorded and sent to the user’s phone World Scoop.

  1. iSmartAlarm (Apple Compatible Only)

In order for this app to work, it must be used via wireless Internet. The app can be downloaded for free on your iPhone or iPad, and once the system is activated, if any motion is detected within the home, screenshots of your home will be sent to you via text, email, or by a phone call alarm.

These apps allow you to control your home security remotely, giving you more power over your home’s safety.

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