What next aftersuccessful personal financial management

An essential question that troubles several people in the world today is what is left to do after their personal finances are in order. What to do with the extra money they are still generating after they have set a wide financial security net. After years of careful budgeting, strategic saving and cunning use of credit have yielded financial security. When havea solid retirement plan, healthy savings account, and a satisfactory emergency fund.


It is time to think of enjoying some of your sweat. We are not proposing reckless spending but careful, well thought out expenditure on you. To safely do this we suggest you begin by getting a professional to handle your extra funds. We suggest you get the people handling your retirement plan to suggest an individual to handle your other investments. From the proceeds of these investments, you can take a percentage to ‘invest’ yourself.

We suggest learning new and fun ways of earning money. Take up investing in risky stocks, after all high risk-high returns. Another method to earn more money is playing casino games.If you are a fan of online pokies, here are the best online pokies you could play for real money. Learn to play games such as Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker. You can learn to play these games playing in free mode in online casinos Do Savor.

These games are based on strategy, are low-risk and have a decent return to a player percentage. They are just as thrilling as playing the stock market. However, the level of investment required in a casino is significantly less than in the stock markets. Set a limit to how much you can afford to lose before you quit. Go out and have responsible fun. If you get good you may just make some money while you are at it.

Rohit Shetty

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