5 Amazing Car Software Programs

From computers to hand-held devices, software programs continue to enhance our lives. Today, some very innovative software has found its way into our automobiles. Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers use the software to bring cutting-edge features and enhanced functionality to their vehicles for safe driving and auto repair from the engines to brakes, navigation, lighting, ventilation, entertainment, and safety systems. Below are just five outstanding examples.

5 Amazing Car Software Programs 1

1. Diagnostics

Diagnostic software programs in cars can save owners and mechanics a lot of time and money in determining why an automobile is malfunctioning. Today these hi-tech automotive tools help us examine the various options and determine the root of any problem. Car owners need to ensure that the vehicle repair centers they patronize are outfitted with diagnostics.

2. Social media

The age of social media has affected almost all demographics. Now even our cars are being manufactured with social media plug-ins to attract buyers who want continual access, even when they’re driving. TForexample, hToyota as introduced their Entune system, which includes a mass of social media apps. These include a friend-finding function to notify drivers when their friends are in the same area. The system is geared toward younger, more social buyers.

3. Theft prevention

With the development of theft software, all fears related to cars being stolen can soon become a thing of the past. This new software also alerts the owner of any crisis in advance. According to GM sources, the sophisticated back-office service will assist during other crises. A person driving the car can call up the company’s back office, inform them of the specific problem, and a service unit will be sent immediately to the car.

4. Autonomous cars

This past year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, “autonomous cars” were introduced. Presently there are three states in the US where vehicles with no drivers are legal. While this is definitely our “Jetsons” moment, before this technology is available at a dealer near you, a lot more research and development need to be accomplished over the next decade. At present, a movement in this direction can be found with cars that have automated parking, accident detection, and safe-lane-change functionality.

5. Catalytic converters

Today’s car exhaust systems include a catalytic converter with the function of converting environmentally unfriendly gases created by your engine into safer ones. Dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrous oxides are chemically treated in the converter, then released as safer elements like water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. The converter regulates the air for your safety as well as for those around you. ScottFortCollinsAuto.com is an excellent resource to learn more about the functionality of your car’s converter.

According to Robert N. Charette’s IEEE Spectrum report, “it takes dozens of microprocessors running 100 million lines of code to get a premium car out of the driveway, and this software is only going to get more complex.” The software programs outlined in this post are only the tip of the iceberg, as maneuvering an automobile goes from “us driving our cars” to “our cars driving us.”

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