Are You Too Old to Have Fun?

You may have heard people talk about how getting older will prevent you from doing certain activities. Well, this may or may not be totally true. There are many people who still lift weights and go for long runs at the age of 85.

There are, however, many activities that are questionable, even to the most physically fit senior citizen. There are things that might challenge the older generation, even if it sounds very attractive and pricks your curiosity. Should you do these things? Well, that is entirely up to you!

1. Sky diving

This sport is enjoyed by millions. The rush of the wind whipping through your hair as you free fall toward the earth, is a feeling like no other. Even though this sport can be dangerous, many people give little thought to hopping from a plane and dashing down to the unknown. To enjoy sky diving you have to be a daredevil. This is probably one thing that you want to think long and hard about before doing, especially if you are above your 70s Team Kgsr.

2. Bungee jumping

Much like sky diving, bungee jumping from far off the ground can be very frightening. Even for teenagers, the feeling of falling only to be jerked upward causes a strong rush. The question is, can an elderly person endure such a shot of adrenaline, all at once?

3. Mixed martial arts

Sure, there are probably age limits to this sport, but if there weren’t, would you take the risk at 90 years of age? Many people who are this age have been lifting weights and wrestling with the best of them. There are 80 year olds skiing, 75 year olds running marathons; so why can’t they jump right in and wrestle with a few heavy weights. Even though your age shouldn’t matter, your body has been around for quite some time and your heart has been through years of service. If you are interested in trying MMA anyway, make sure you are protected with the right martial arts equipment and check with your instruction about uniform requirements.


Everyone’s body is different. Taking a risk to do it all is definitely a way to live life to the fullest, but might not be the best idea for living a long life. Know your limits and educate yourself about potential risks before taking up a new pursuit.

Rohit Shetty

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