Finding a perfect house for your self is always an exhausting task for everybody. Well, there is so much that a person wants. So many dreams around one little house. People want their houses to be the best place on earth. Of course, a person’s house is his little heaven, so everyone wants the heaven to be like heaven. Confused? It’s very simple. Everybody wants a great house. They want their house to be worth the money that they pay.

But then why do you think buying a house gets so difficult? What’s the most important aspect to buy a good house? Here i break the suspense, it is, a GOOD BROKER.

If you appoint a good broker, you’re half way there. But if you make a mistake in choosing a broker, then get ready to bear the loss. So to save your money and time, you should always assure that the broker you rely on is worth the trust.

In today’s day broking organizations are booming. They are making abnormal profits just by helping people find their dream homes. But, unfortunately with the growing profit margins in the broking business, brokers are losing out on their ethical business mannerism. Brokers try to crack a deal as soon as possible, in order to get their ‘cut’ quick. But not every broker is like that. But it today’s time, all these brokers are so booked that they fail to think of their client’s needs. Most of them end up provided houses to the clients by glorifying the property. They make the client think that this is the best place, even better than ‘taj mahal’(trust me, brokers are really good at convincing)

You will find brokers all over the world. Even in the smallest of cities. For instance, we shall look at Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad is a beautiful city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated at the border of UP and Delhi. Mainly, Ghaziabad is known for being an Industrial city. It has numerous large scale industries there. There are a lot of upcoming projects in Ghaziabad. These upcoming projects are benefitting a lot of people in Ghaziabad. Being in the state of UP where the unemployment rate is high, Ghaziabad is really helping the population there. With all these upcoming projects in Ghaziabad, people are earning, and which in turn leads to residential development. There are various upcoming residential projects in Ghaziabad, for the growing population there. These upcoming residential projects in Ghaziabad are profiting highly to the brokers there.

Some of the most recent upcoming residential projects in Ghaziabad are,


Saya Gold Avenue

· Saya Gold Avenue

· KW Shrishti

· Magnum Oasis Green

· Palm Resort

· Saya Zenith

These are some of the upcoming residential projects in Ghaziabad. All of these have different price ranges. It is made for different class of people according to the affordability of a person. But one thing is common. All the upcoming projects in Ghaziabad will have brokers who will crack deals for it.

Some brokers are dedicated to certain projects and work on finding as much investors possible for that one project. But it is your responsibility to make sure that you aren’t fooled.

Make sure your broker is not committed to any firm. Always do a background check before hiring a broker. Consult with others and hire brokers that have done a good job before. And lastly, never trust someone blindly. Have a strong head and trust your decisions, because no one knows your needs better than you.

Rohit Shetty

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