Tips and Tricks to Explore United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is pretty amazing, but the tips and tricks we borrowed from all over would make it easier. UK Holidays can be pretty steep, but with these hacks, you can have the time of your life.

Use an Oyster card

If you are in the city for more than two to three days, the metro is your best friend. However, instead of paying the cash every time, an oyster card is a much friendlier commute. Just load a specific amount every day, and you are good to go. Moreover, oyster cards have daily caps. If you exhaust the cap, which usually will give you three to four trips daily, then you do not have to pay for your ride at all.

United Kingdom

Rent out B&Bs

Let’s be honest. The United Kingdom is a pretty expensive city, and the rentals charge a bomb. More so, for primal locations from were going around the city is a pretty easy affair. We suggest you not tie the strings too tight around your accommodation budget.

Laundry can be a pain.

There are very few laundromats around the city. Therefore, it is best to carry light and easy-to-dry clothes when traveling to London. A washer and dryer are mostly available at rentals and B&Bs. We recommend you to try those and not bother looking out for a laundromat nearby to clean your clothes.

Carry change

Most parking lots, parks, and other public places need small amounts, which implies that you must carry change (and a lot of it) at all times. This will also help you get into places faster and thereby avoid the crowd.

Carry your own water

Bottled water is not available throughout the United Kingdom and not just in London. Therefore, it is always best to carry your own water and not rely on any external sources. London is a pretty clean city, and therefore, even if you want to refill your stock, you can do so at most stops around the city.

Cross the roads carefully.

The traffic is a huge pain, and the vehicles do not slow or stop suddenly on the roads. We would suggest hold on to your bags tight around the crowds and look both ways when crossing the road. You might also want to be cautious, more so when on the left side of the road.

Everything is closed during the winters.

London is one city where everything is closed during the winters. Everyone is in the holiday spirit, and therefore, the town is completely closed. Most of the tourist attractions have their doors tight shut. Hence, you may want to skip booking your tickets and scheduling your travel around that time.

Fly into smaller airports

Smaller airports are cheaper and hence a better option for people who are traveling on a budget. The airport’s transport is pretty cheap, and if you are boarding a public transportation means, you can be good too.

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