Choosing the Right Indian Restaurant

Choosing the right Indian restaurant – in any country – can be a daunting task, especially with the variety of Indian restaurants serving all sorts of food (from restaurants that serve generic Indian food to restaurants that only serve vegetarian Mangalorean food). Certain factors come into play while choosing where to dine, like location, time of day, other reviews, food offered on the menu, etc. Since Indian restaurants are increasingly becoming commonplace, choosing the perfect Indian restaurant based on their location is a smart tip – noting where the restaurant is placed indicates what kind of restaurant it is – if it’s located above a grocery store or is a small establishment, you can know that this restaurant is family-owned. The food is bound to be spicier and more flavourful. Family-owned restaurants are always preferred to commercial chains because the food’s quality and consistency are exponentially better in mom-and-pop restaurants, where the chefs care.

Choosing the Right Indian Restaurant 1

Going to a restaurant also depends on the time of day and week you go – going during the weekend inevitably means that there will be a slight rush, no matter where you go. If you wish to enjoy your dining experience, going to the restaurant during the weekday will be better, because it’ll be relatively quieter and calmer. Listening to recommendations and other reviews (or even looking up reviews online) can only help you – reviews by other customers evaluate the food, location, ambiance, service, and other things that can make or break a restaurant.

The kind of food offered on the menu also matters. Depending on what kind of food you want to eat (vegetarian or non-vegetarian could be one distinction), you should choose a specific restaurant (a restaurant that serves food from Kerala would be preferable to vegetarians, for example). Since most Indian restaurants tend to serve food from specific parts of India, you could try multiple restaurants specializing in a specific menu from a specific location. Most Indian restaurants serve North Indian food, but some establishments now serve food from other parts of the country.

Hopefully, following these suggestions will lead you to one of the best Indian restaurants you can find – like Aladin Brick Lane Curry House. Having originated as a restaurant that served Bangladeshi migrants in the area, it quickly expanded into becoming one of the most famous restaurants in London, yet still retaining the homegrown touch to their food – making every dish they serve a delicious and unique one. This restaurant specializes in all sorts of events and can cater to all- from individual eaters to large social groups. The food offered here comes from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, so you can be sure to have a wide array of choices to choose your meal from. This restaurant is one of the highly acclaimed and positively reviewed restaurants in London, brings with it a guarantee that you will enjoy your food and your time there at the restaurant.

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