Creating the Best Year in Review Photo Book to Express Love

When making the annual personal resolutions for the year, it is impossible to ignore memories from the previous year. It is a good idea to store them in a folder somewhere for reference, but there are better options. You can preserve them in an organized book that will be accessible for generations to come. Try Mixbook, the photo bookmaker, to experience simplicity and quality. You do not have to be a computer expert in using this online editor. Anyone can do it anywhere. Here is what you have to know about the year in review photo books.

Photo Book


Why would you want to consider creating a year-in-review photo book?

There are countless benefits you stand to reap when you prepare this type of photo book. You have to be creative, and the rest will follow. Here is why you should create one if you still haven’t decided:

· Family members and friends will treasure flipping through the book repeatedly to enjoy the moments you have spent together. You do not have to power on your personal computer any time you want to review memories.

· You will have the best photos from the whole year arranged in one place, properly telling a story. This will save you time that you would have otherwise spent going through all the duplicates and not as important pictures of that year on your phone or computer.

· You can use the book as a gift for various occasions. The main benefit of a year-in-review photo book is that it is not limited to any occasion. Therefore, you can make one for a loved one as a gift during their wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other place as an expression of love.

· You get to summarize everything that happened during the entire year in one book to tell a story. You can store events of a newborn, graduation, birthday, wedding, or any other special moment all in one place.

Tips to Create the Best Photo Book

When creating a photo book, you want to take your time in planning instead of creating a book that you will regret later on. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Arrange the book in chapters

Do not randomly place photos throughout the book. Have it in chapters that represent a single event to make it captivating. You can also arrange them chronologically in months. The choice is yours.

  • Cover photos

Make sure each chapter is introduced by a cover photo you have chosen personally. You also want to have a captivating photo at the very beginning of your book.

  • Be creative and write something.

Writing something in between the pictures will not harm your book. It will be helpful to the reader and serve to freshen your memory when you browse the book years later. Always be creative.

If you want a tangible way to store your memories, a photo book is certainly the way to go. Do not let yourself or loved ones miss a valuable memory after years. Mixbook makes the whole process easy for you to upload, edit, and print the book. It will be ready within a short period. Nothing expresses love more than valuable moments together.

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