DVDFab DVD Copy – 5 key features

DVDFab DVD copy, with all its features is one of the Best DVD copy software in the market today. DVDFab certainly delivers what it promises. It is a popular DVD Copy Software having customers all over the world. Let’s take a look of what’s inside the software. Here are 5 key features –


Quick and convenient installation

Right from the beginning, software was easy in handling. Installing the software was a child’s play. Apart from few steps, all I had to do was reboot my computer after installation of the software to get the software started. After a quick and easy installation DVDFab takes you into a wide range of things you can do with your DVD. Right from customization to customer support everything can be accessed from the main window itself World Update Reviews.

Not only simple customization and other settings, DVD copy takes your copy DVD experience to a new level with providing advanced control option like Codec selection, Burning engine and write speed. However, I would recommend those options for advanced users only as a beginner might mess things up.

Smooth user friendly interface

The software is very well designed in terms of easiness and productivity. One of the things that I liked much about the interface was that a user or let us say a beginner would not have to dig deep into the software to find even the simplest customization for his DVD. Everything is pretty visible and not at all confusing. One can select copy mode option from the left of the main screen. A screen appears on the bottom left of the main window which allows a user to see the content he has selected in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Wide range of copy modes

Let me tell you that DVD copy is feature rich software with some exciting copy modes in it. Here are 8 copy modes –


Full Disc Copy – It allows user to copy the entire DVD at once.

Main Movie – As the name suggests, this mode allows a user to copy only the main or in other words the longest title on the DVD.

Split – Now that’s a very useful mode. The split mode lets a user to copy a DVD – 9 across to two DVD – 5 discs.

Clone – A user can get the exact copy of the DVD with the help of Clone mode which copies the DVD in 1:1 bit to bit ratio.

Customize–Customize mode offers some additional add ons like changing the default audio, removing some content from the DVD, change the order of the titles and other similar options. Another very useful mode for advanced users.

Customize and Split – This mode gives user a privilege to split the content over two different DVD-5 discs. And this mode can be very helpful in case one feels not ok with carrying all the stuff in a single DVD.

Merge – Various titles from different sources can be merged with the help of this mode.

Write data – With the help of this mode one can burn existing file or an image to a new DVD. This mode is an alternative to other Burn software available. Thanks to DVD copy.

Lightening fast speed with good overall quality

If we go by what company claims, one can copy a DVD in no more than 10 minutes. Well that’s quite fast. But one can experience some variations in time depending upon the length and customization applied. However, DVD Copy makes extra 5-10 minutes worth with the amazing quality it provides.

Customer assistance

DVDFab wishes to make its customer experience very easy which seems rightfully through their Help and Support option. To help you out in any difficulty, DVD assistance can be taken from online tutorials. A question mark symbol takes you through a series of online tutorials which may be helpful to find exact solution to your problem. But finding solution through online tutorials might be time consuming and boring. In such case, email support and FAQs will surely help you.

Rohit Shetty

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