How to Fill in PDF on Mac and Edit PDFs Efficiently

How to Fill in PDF on Mac and Edit PDFs Efficiently 1

Do you need to fill out or edit any PDF file on your Mac system? Is it troubling you just because you don’t know how to fill in PDF on Mac? Don’t worry, here you’ll find the solution to this problem.

The article will guide you on how to easily accomplish this task and provide the best PDF editing tools. You can make several edits using great methods by adding outlines, text, and images to links.

Why Do You Need to Edit PDF Files

PDF editing is important for file management and overall productivity. It helps in easily sharing documents across various computers and operating systems. Editing PDFs doesn’t mean cdoesn’t their design but adding more pages, fixing a typo in an invoice, and more. Hence, using the go-to PDF apps for Mac is required to edit the text, font, and images easily. A reliable editor enhances file security by adding passwords.

How to Edit PDF Mac Files?

Are you looking for trusted and easy-to-use PDF editors for Mac to edit files quickly? Check out the following ones.

  • Acrobat Online

Acrobat Online is the answer if you want a free method to edit a PDF file on Mac from any web browser. Tap the “Select a file” button. “choose the req”ired File or drag and drop it into the drop zone. Once the uploading completes, sign in and use the featured tools that allow you to draw, add, and lots more. If you want to share the edited File, click the ‘Share’ menu. You can share the’docum’nt through a link or mail.

  • QuickLook App

How to Fill in PDF on Mac and Edit PDFs Efficiently 2

This is a built-in previewing app in Mac systems. You can use Preview’s mini-version for freePreview’snd edit PDF files. To start editing, choose a required PDF file in Finder and open it by pressing the Spacebar. The app supports almost every editing feature as Preview. To go into the editing mode, hit ‘Show Markdown Toolbar’. To add’a signature, locate t’e Signature icon and hit Create Signature. Enter your signature using Trackpad.

  • Preview App

This is another built-in app on Mac to edit PDFs. You can fill in a PDF document, add a signature, add new text, or rotate some pages using Preview. To fill in a PDF form, click on the required field as a text box or checkbox. Save the edited document by clicking the ‘Save’ in File. To add the signature, click Sign’in M’rkup. You can also add shapes and drawings, permanently remove sections, and do more editing.

  • Third-party PDF Editors

Alongside using built-in Mac apps, you can try using third-party PDF editors, including free and paid options. Skim is an ideal open-source and free tool to view and edit any PDF file on Mac. This is highly recommended if you want to review any document. Foxit PDF Editor, available with a 14-day free trial, allows direct text editing in PDF files. You can use it to share and collaborate files with others.

Ways to Fill PDF on Mac

Do you need to fill out any form or document using PDF format? To do filing more accurately and quickly on Mac, you can use the following programs.

  • PDFelement Pro – PDF Filler

This feature-loaded PDF editing program easily creates and fills PDF forms on Mac, including macOS 10.15 Catalina. Alongside other standard editing features such as import & export and annotations, the tool converts PDFs to other formats. Moreover, you can combine several files into a PDF and divide any PDF into multiple files. To use this tool, you require clicking on the field to fill in and start typing.

  • Fill PDF Using Markup

How to Fill in PDF on Mac and Edit PDFs Efficiently 3

This annotation tool is preinstalled on macOS and quickly fills the PDF forms on MacBook. You can use this program to annotate a PDF by downloading it to your Mac. In the download folder, right-click the PDF to open the Markup window and start filing. Hit the Markup button on the top of the screen. Use your Mac’s camera, Trackpad, or even your iPhone to create a signature.

  • Mac PrevieMac’sFill PDF

This app easily and quickly fills the PDF forms. Launch it on your Mac and open a PDF form. Control-click on the required document and choose ‘Open with Preview’. Either directly fill out the interactive form. Or access the To’l option and clic’ Annotate > Text if a condition is non-interactive. Select the field by clicking on it and start typing the text. Don’t forget to save the work.

The Conclusion

That’s all about how to fill in PDFs onDon’tand ways to edit PDF files. This PDF ediThat’sre easy to use and help you finesse the finished product.

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