Running Like Clockwork: The Benefits of Barcode Systems for Daily Operations

Many businesses have jumped on the barcode bandwagon, but there are still some resistant to the idea. If you’re one of them, here are some of the benefits you’re missing out on.

Reduced Tracking Errors

By using a system like this inventory management software, you reduce tracking errors. In fact, many companies find that warehouse operation that is supported by automated collection data and wireless barcode input experience 99.x percent accuracy on inventory inputs. This means that tracking errors are virtually eliminated. Even experienced typists make about one error every 300 keystrokes, which means that human error is inherent. Computer systems, errors are limited to prior input and printing mistakes, printing errors caused by faulty machinery, or fault scanning equipment. Even so, the numbers speak for themselves. These errors are sporadic, especially with high-end and reliable hardware and software solutions.


Coding Speeds Up All Stages Of Operations

Coding everything speeds up all stages of your operation. Sure, entering the initial data may slow down operations at the beginning. But, this is made up for in spades when it gets past the initial data entry point. By the time a package has made it to QA and shipping, it’s saved potentially hundreds of person-hours.

Barcodes Eliminate Manual Entry Errors

Barcodes eliminate manual entry errors outside of any manual entry necessary to create the label. Even then, errors can be kept to a minimum by using existing QR or SKU inputs in your database. If you’re transitioning from a hand-written spreadsheet system, you may experience an initial lag while you perfect any errors n the initial data entry. Beyond that, the computers do the work of printing, and then scanning is done either by machine or by human beings. So, as long as packages are getting scanned along the production line, expect your traditional errors to drop as you eliminate manual entry Page Design Pro.

Get A 50 Percent Higher ROI On Your ERP

Companies that use asset tracking and inventory management systems experience a 50 percent higher return on investment on their enterprise resource planning. This should be easy to understand why. ERP deals with product planning, manufacturing and delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management, and payment systems. When these are integrated into a tracking application, everything is automated and sped up significantly due to the elimination of manual entry. Inventory can now be synced with sales and ePOS systems at retailers or your front end retail locations. Reordering and production volumes can be automatically adjusted based on output and sales data.

Shipping efficiency is improved since most shipping companies already use barcode scanning systems to track inventory. All you have to do is plug into their system. Finally, payment systems can be integrated into your tracking system to reconcile sales with inventory, eliminating, or at least dramatically reducing, fraud and employee theft. From accounting to HR to sales and procurement, production, distribution, and customer service, there is no department in your organization that can’t be improved using inventory management. Max Gardiner is an assistant to a stockroom manager in a large warehouse. He enjoys sharing his insights online. His articles can be found mostly on inventory and management sites.

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