Niti Aayog’s School Education Quality Index: Kerala tops, UP worst performer

Niti Aayog School Education Quality Index: Niti Aayog has launched the ‘School Education Quality Index’ (SEQI) file. In this index, the nice of college schooling of 20 states has been ranked by variety. In this listing, Kerala is inside the first place, Rajasthan 2d even as Karnataka secured 1/3 vicinity. NITI Aayog has prepared this index primarily based on the information of 2016-17. The index emphasizes the efforts of faculties to boom the getting to the knowability of college students. Punjab and Jammu Kashmir are at the 18th and 19th position in the list.

Niti Aayog’s School Education Quality Index: Kerala tops, UP worst performer 1


Best three States

Large States

1. Kerala

2. Rajasthan

3. Karnataka

Small States

1. Manipur

2. Tripura

3. Goa

Union Territories

1. Chandigarh

2. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

3. Delhi

Key Highlights

• The list has been categorized into 3 parts – The large States, Small SStatesand Union Territories.
• TThe top three states are Kerala, Rajasthan, and Karnataka. And, pinnacle three bottom states are Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh.
• The smaller states ranked one by one encompass 8 states – Manipur, Tripura, Goa, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh.
• Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states within the usa however its performance within the area of training is unlucky.

The names of 20 states with ratings

Kerala (1), Rajasthan (2), Karnataka(3), Andhra Pradesh (four), Gujarat (5), Assam (6), Maharashtra (7), Tamil Nadu (eight), Himachal Pradesh (9), Uttarakhand (10), Haryana (11), Orissa (12), Chhattisgarh (thirteen), Telangana (14), Madhya Pradesh (15), Jharkhand (16), Bihar (17), Punjab (18), Jammu Kashmir (19) and Uttar Pradesh (20).

Objectives of SEQI

SEQI objectives to force policy reforms on the way to enhance the best of college training. The index seeks to institutionalize a focal point on enhancing education consequences to use improvements in getting to know ranges, get right of entry to, equity, infrastructure, and governance processes. The index recognizes that faculty schooling is a subject at the Concurrent List and that State-degree leadership is essential for improving consequences in a value-powerful manner. The index will serve as a regular and obvious assessment of the repute of college education first-class across the States and UTs.

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