Instagram: Your Kids Instant Access to Fame or Shame

The Internet has evolved, and nowadays, it has become way more than what it was a decade ago. This change is largely due to the social networking platforms increasing in number with each passing day. Different platforms provide different services, but it’s very straight forward when it comes to Instagram – you upload the images of you or your likes/dislikes on your profile and get followers according to them. However, young users of the service can often get carried away and post images on their profiles, which are offensive, shameful, and sometimes abusive. Kids usually share these images to attract more people or to impress their friends. However, in most cases, the outcome is the opposite: they end up being just another “attention seeker” on the internet. Parents have a significant role in this regard, especially with the availability of Android parental control apps offering social media monitoring features.

Parent/Child Interaction is Important

Instagram is a public place where users often do not post images to attract others’ attention. If athe child uploads an inappropriate image, this can indicate his or her strong desire to feel noticed by others. A major reason for kids acting this way is because they are very distant from their parents and rarely talk to them. On Ponte other hand, parents have a busy life and cannot be there for their kids. This leads to a feeling of loneliness, creating a void that kids try to fill through social interaction in the cyber world.

Spying Technology Can Help

Parents looking for a fast and easy antidote to the issue about kids’ irresponsible and risky use of Instagram can safely turn to Android parental control apps for help. It allows them to view all images uploaded or liked by their youngsters on the image-sharing platform. Moreover, they can even view their kids’ social networks, enabling them to identify a potentially risky contact. Learning all this at an earlier stage can definitely make the job of parenting a whole lot easier.

Spend Time with Kids

Although work is important, it is equally important to take some time from the busy every-day routine for children. They seek attention, and if they feel ignored, they end up exploring different and often irresponsible ways to get the attention they’ve been craving for. Simply sitting down with them every evening and talking about their day, their friends, and things of their interests can satisfy their need for attention and keep them from turning to the internet to get noticed. It’s not uncommon to label kids as irresponsible, immature, and impulsive, but unfortunately, what many parents fail to realize is that they themselves are sometimes responsible for making their young ones act this way. The family dynamics are constantly changing, which has a significant impact on how kids and their psychological and physical well-being. Something sure needs to be done about it before it’s too late.

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