• Understanding slurry pumps Read more >

    Understanding slurry pumps

    Slurry refers to a mixture of liquid, usually water and oil, and solids such as sand, coral, sediment, and pulverized stone. Slurry is common in industries that do a lot of drilling, such as mining, waste water treatment, construction, and oil and gas drilling. To enable workers to continue with the project, the slurry must […]

  • Reaching the Edge of Game Levels with fewer Efforts Read more >

    Reaching the Edge of Game Levels with fewer Efforts

    The Gamekiller is basically a sure-shot short cut method of reaching the higher game levels with less or almost no efforts. Most tough and tricky games are required to be played on for long hours so that it can make people more practiced with any of the particular game and on the grounds of finest […]

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