Demystifying Japanese Cellphone Slang – Kaomoji, Emoji and Decomail

It’s tough enough to maintain up with the brand new English terminology and slang surrounding the use of mobes, the gratingly unpleasant time period favored inside the UK for mobile phones (mobe is brief for cellular phones). Still, with Japanese keitai terms (it really is the Japanese slang for cellular telephone) now appearing within the English language, we old folks can occasionally discover it hard to work out what it’s far all about. This article will attempt to explain for not unusual and one no longer-so-common terms that appear to be making the rounds of the SNS technology.

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Literally, this is face letters, but it is also frequently referred to as Japanese emoticons. However, these take not just alphabetic characters but also the full gamut of image characters, Japanese kanji characters, Greek, Russian, dingbats, and anything else you could discover to make assorted horizontal faces. The traditional cat smiley =^.^= is a simple instance, however looking the net for a time period such as “kaomoji dictionary” will display hundreds, if no longer hundreds, of kaomoji to represent pretty much every emotion or state of affairs you may ever think about, and an excellent quantity you couldn’t!

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I do discover it interesting that there are many, many articles available about how the Western smilies like:-) occurred, but very little has been performed to reveal the history of the Japanese kaomoji. As a long way as I can determine, it turned into a Korean man or woman in Japan in early 1986 who proposed the (^_^) smiley, and a Japanese nuclear scientist who got here up with (~_~) an awful lot the equal time.


Move a step up the evolutionary ladder, and we get to emoji, actually, picture letters. These had been first popularised on Japanese cellphones, showing a small icon in the area of characters in an e-mail. Now nearly every phone helps a full variety of over 100 of those icons and is an integral feature for most users in Japan. Even though people do not write them, the chances are that contacts might be sending emails complete of them! They also infect Japanese blogs, and for many humans, they replace punctuation inside their text. Some cellular carrier carriers now even animate the glyphs, which brings us round to the very last time period.


Deco-mail is in reality derived from English, being short for adornment mail. Decorated mail could be greater grammatically accurate. However, the legitimate full name is indeed decoration. This should clearly be acquainted with many readers as it’s miles only an advertising call for HTML-primarily based e-mail on a cellular phone, allowing easy decoration of text through features consisting of scrolling banners, inserted images, aligned textual content, and coloration selection. One foremost manifestation of deco-mail is the usage of what is successfully animated emoji, permitting small animations to be inserted into the email, with a few telephones coming preloaded with animations numbering inside the hundreds! However, these photos aren’t just confined to small animated emoji (Kalani – lively faces – are one manifestation, and some other time period to talk approximately at a later date) but also can be large and might even be Flash with easy scripting.

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As cited at the beginning of this section, deco-mail is HTML mail, so which means that sure, you can send overseas buddies these messages directly from your Japanese cellphone! Fromm time to time, you also can acquire it, however as the size and different limitations on a cellular telephone are pretty intense, there’s less assurance of it surely working. So, I hope it gives you a flavor of how the Japanese boost their mobile emails. I’ve no area to mention that Google’s Gmail can show emoji, nor that Apple and Google seek to standardize emoji in Unicode, nor even 2ch emoticons. Still, with a bit of luck now, you may understand the definition of kaomoji, emoji, and deco-mail if you hear them in a verbal exchange.

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