The hike in internet usage, increases the demand of the e-commerce sites

The upcoming trend of students is now transforming into a technology lover. If a person needs something, they now don’t fetch for the information in the books but they simply use their search engine named Google. It is the best help for any user out here. Every minute detail is provided on this search engine. “Getting online” has now turned trendy for anything a user needs.This is all because of the tremendous growth of the internet usage since the year 2009. The youth that ranges from the age group of 15-34 yrs, consumes 75% of the internet out of the total population. According to the research, in the year 2014, only 19% of the population used internet but by the end of the year 2015, a huge hike is expected in the internet usage. Because of this youth, the use of e-commerce sites in India is increasing. E-commerce sounds new? Indeed No! The term used for the same is that of online shopping. People have now started shopping everything online in order to save money and time. Time is money. Once gone never comes back. Instead of managing time to go for shopping one can culminate their most important task and once done, can go ahead with shopping either while you are driving back home or before you go to sleep. Yes it’s tiring to hold a smart phone, you can also buy iphone 5 cases and shop but then you have to do it if you need it. Supposedly, it is your special one’s birthday and you wish to gift them something of their choice. Say, they love t-shirts and it suits them the best. But since you can’t lie and go out for shopping, you would simply buy t-shirts online for them which would best suit them Network Posting.

E-commerce in India is the leading industry in the market. Everyone now wishes to have something directly on the phone. Be it booking or having food. People have also started wishing if the phone could give them some food. Well, even that is available now. Online Ordering is well known for Dominos, Pizza Hut and many more. You can order the food and it will be delivered to you at your door steps. Zomatois one of the application and website where one can even hunt for good places as well as order food for the same. Getting everything online is the booming field now days for anyone out there. Similarly, when one searches for a product, the best e-commerce websites rank up with their prices. This ranking is because of the search engine optimization. The higher the position of the website, the more number of hits is achieved. Flip-kart, Snap-deal, Amazon,,, etc are some of the examples of the leading e-commerce sites in India.

Rohit Shetty

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