The Internet: The Solution for the Struggling Economy

The economy has been in a poor state since the recession took hold in 2008, for the last 5 years the UK and the rest of the world have been making every effort to find a resolution to the financial unrest and answers have often come in surprising forms. One of thebiggest industries is now the technology sector, new applications and devices are introduced to the market on a regular basis and the consumer response is overwhelming causing the industry to be one of the most financially successful. The success has been so significant in fact that the UK economy is now reliant on the sector to help cancel out the negative effects stemming from the recession.

The Internet is a huge resource within society, it fulfils multiple purposes such as entertainment through sites such as Mecca Bingo, business and general information and people are entirely reliant on the services that it provides. Consumers are now keen to purchase the latest technological item that means they have increased access to Internet applications and snap up devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

Creating Opportunity and Optimism

The advance of the Internet and its extensive popularity as well as the technology, which follows on from the programme, creates a number of jobs. The rate at which technology manufacturers need to meet demand has increased considerably in the last few years and they need an increased workforce to fulfil the needs of the demographic Vinzite.

As the Internet becomes such an important part of life, more people are fully embracing the Internet with the construction of personal and business websites, blogs, and online stores which requires experts in the field. Increased training opportunities and career paths are now available to those that have an interest in the niche, offering more direction than ever before.

UK Unemployment the Victim of the Recession

Unemployment is a very real issue in the UK and is one of the worst affected areas from the recession. The current figure of unemployment stands at 7%, a number which has not changed since it was last measured in July 2013. The Government warmly receives any industry that opens up greater employment opportunity to Britons and this is exactly what the technology industry is doing.

Employment roles within the technology industry are particularly relevant to the youth of the UK as they are already more accustomed to the levels of technology and the use of the Internet and are more likely to have an interest in the areas. This serves at combating the growing problem of youth unemployment and the lack of career direction that many school leavers seem to have.

A Secure Future for a Booming Industry

Technology will continue to grow and advance and does not look to lose its position anytime soon as the consumer continues to support such a flourishing industry.

There has been a significant increase in the number of Internet capable devices since the Internet was first launched and the flow is steady enough to continue. It is expected that by 2015, 2 billion people will own at least one smartphone or tablet, which is quickly becoming the most common way to access the Internet and its features.

Economic Evolution

With unemployment figures no longer increasing and showing very gradual signs of recovering, the UK economy looks to be in a state of repair with the effects of the downturn being wiped out in the next 2 years.

Booming industries such as the technology and Internet sector are at the heart of the turn around and will continue to eradicate the negativity caused by the recession.

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