For the present generation, communication plays a vital role towards a functional society. With the recent breakthroughs in technology, the communication between people is getting increasingly important and challenging. Today’s generation is more acceptable to technology as a form of communication. They are more at ease with the web based communication. This generation has accepted the digital media of communication as the most effective way to connect with people far and wide.


We live in the era of SMS. Instant messaging, including text messaging, e-mails have become a very obvious part of our lives to communicate with one or more individuals. These all can be sent through mobile phones, smart phones, web, and handheld devices. SMS is a communication protocol that allows exchanging text messages between mobile phones. SMSs can be sent to an individual or to a large number of people at a time. This mode of communication is getting more acceptable among different institutions and companies, for sending the text messages in bulk. Transactional SMS or bulk messages came into existence for fulfilling this purpose.

Product or service promotion has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. These services can be categorized into two types – Transactional SMS or Promotional SMS. Among these Transactional SMS are on a rise due to its benefits. Transactional SMSs are used to send right amount of information, at the right time, to the right set of people. Transactional Bulk SMS is usually sent by hospitals, registered banks, e-commerce companies, railways, airlines, financial organizations and even registered educational institutes. A Transactional SMS is always devoid of any kind of promotion Soul Crazy.

Transactional SMS is considered of great importance as it is very effective in delivering urgent information. The gateway of Transactional SMS remains open 24*7, this allows to send a message with no time restrictions, unless the mobile is switched off. It also has an easy reach to customers who have opted for DND. One can easily get the template of such messages and can create the one to suit their specific needs. All one needs is an approval of a SMS service provider.

API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. These are very vital, powerful and reliable way to communicate between two servers. An API is essentially a way for programmers to communicate with a certain application. There are many different types of API’s for operating systems, applications or for websites. These are considered the most secure way to send SMS. These can send more than thousand requests in one minute. Today, API’s are specified by the websites. Hence, API is no less powerful, and this is the driving force behind virtually all social platforms.

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