Why you should stick to the plan when forex trading

Forex trading can be fun and profitable, but only when you take it seriously enough to follow your plan. There are many reasons for this, which we will go into below. Still, the most important thing is that without a clear plan, you can forget your intentions easily and end up slipping into an ‘anything goes’ mindset that can more likely lead to losses than good results. Although some people can buck this trend due to their talents, it is not considered a good, regular option not to set out a schedule. It is important to consider the risk to your capital and what you will do with the money you have worked hard to accumulate in the first place. Although trading with Indian forex brokers can make good money on the side or as a main career, it should not be seen as a magical way to free money forever.


When you bear in mind that many people lose money doing this, it helps to sharpen your strategy, which is a good thing. Taking this on board when crafting your trades will help you to avoid quick ideas that may not be thought through all that well. This can be similar to excesses in life, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or sweet desserts. Your doctor would advise you that everything in moderation is fine, and the same is true when forex trading– if you go to the excess too often, you could lose more than you had intended and leave yourself stuck without a plan to fix it. If you have already made a plan, it is easier to deal with any problems that could occur when trading, such as surprise market volatility, which can wipe out the strength of one particular currency overnight.

This means knowing what you will ifyclassify as a success and what you deem a failure. Depending on how much you are investing at once, losing 2% of your holdings overnight can either be a huge dent in your savings or just a few hundred rupees, which can affect your decision-making process. When you know why you are trading and why you plan to do it – from the time that you can put aside to make this work to the resources and level of understanding that you are prepared to reach – you can be sure that you will be much closer to your goal of making trading with forex work for you. Of course, it also makes it easier to abandon ship on certain trades this way. If you think that 5% losses are your cut-off point for any business, then the moment it reaches that threshold, you have made a deal to pull out. Sticking to this means that you are always in control of the situation and can easily manage any problems.

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