How to Be Successful in Life and Death in 10 Steps

You may also wonder, why did I pick out the end of existence – death – especially? The answer to this question is simpler than you may consider. It is due to the fact the deeds that you may offer cease through your loss of life, and after dying you may not be capable of doing something to your self, however, the made from your preceding work is what will continue to offer presents and benefits to you through the order of God. The Messenger of God, God bless him, stated: “When the son of Adam dies, his deeds come to a quit apart from three, ongoing charitable acts, expertise that humans benefit from, or a righteous son who sends advantages for him”.

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1 – Focus on the way you want to die

Imagine that your existence now is a street and you are taking walks in it with regular steps toward a cease. Take an excellent appearance on the street. Look to and fro; you may see which you are now inside the center and the finish line is about to return. Sometimes you would possibly think that the cease of the road will come after a few minutes, however, you locate your self nonetheless on foot, and you’ll hold on foot till you reach the end line abruptly. So we do now not know in reality whilst we die, and we do no longer realize wherein we die, and we do not recognize how we can die, but we will at the least imagine that during our minds, so let believe.

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Imagine now which you are approximate to attain the end line, and also you simplest have one hour until the Angel of Death comes to you to take your soul and end your existence, what might you do in this hour? The answers will vary according to the situation of all of us, there are folks who will keep praying, and there are folks that will boost up to ask human beings for forgiveness and go back their rights to them, and there are people who will contact their loved ones to say goodbye and then worship God, and there are masses and plenty of acts that could be performed in this situation. But at the give up all the cases are itemized beneath one category; your courting with God and your courting with people. So now allow’s fix our relationship with God and our courting with people until we die in peace and reassurance no matter in which and no matter while.

2 – Draw a big photo of your existence first

In the previous step, we drew the stop point. As for the starting point, it’s for the time and vicinity in which you’re proper now! Now, you must paint the large image to your entire life. First, believe that this world is without any obstacles, and you could do anything you need. Close Your eyes and imagine yourself doing something, and take a deep appearance. Is what you’re doing will lead you to the quit factor that you need, or no longer? For instance, you may see yourself as a health practitioner who’ve invented a treatment for most cancers, and helped inside the remedy of masses of human beings living with this serious ailment of all nations everywhere in the international, and became a well-known health practitioner too, and got the Nobel Prize, and… And so forth., till you reach the stop point whilst you are dying for God.

3- Repeat drawing the huge image of your lifestyles more than once

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At various instances, keep repeating the drawing of the huge picture of your lifestyles greater than once. Perhaps for the first time you may see your self as a medical doctor, and the second one time you would possibly see your self as a pilot, and the 0.33 time you could see your self as a businessman, and you can see a couple of photographs. But the photograph that you want to be may be repeated each time on reason and unintentionally. You will experience so satisfied internal you when you believe your self in this precise photograph; because the human mind does now not differentiate between reality and imagination. Yes, my brothers and sisters, the mind considers imagination as fact, and whenever you draw to yourself a picture, you gift it on your unconscious thoughts like a truth or a truth, and it is recorded in the unconscious thoughts on every occasion along with your reactions, and what you experience.

4- Find the photo suitable for you

It may take days, months or even a year to pick the photo you want. How speedy you pick your photograph would not count. What matters is that there should be intense love hyperlink among you and what you want to achieve. I recommend you to meditate for half an hour a day, take your self to a peaceful location loose from disturbance, continue to be alone, preserve a pen and papers, write down everything that comes on your mind no matter what. Know for sure that no person else will paint your existence for you and make certain you’ll conclude the massive photo of your lifestyles routinely after several sessions contemplating and imagining your life; because the human mind has the potential to finish. Try, strive, and strive till you reach the appropriate photograph wherein you want to be for the relaxation of your existence. You may also take some time in these steps, no hassle! Don’t ever consider boundaries at this level; you’re within the section of imagination and desires, and ensure that God will pave the street for you.

5- Congratulate your self for completing 50% of the achievement plan

I did now not put this step as a humorousness, however virtually congratulate your self and treat yourself to a pleasing Pizza, or purchase your self a gift; because you have got surpassed 50% of the fulfillment plan, and you completed one of the maximum critical steps and maximum influential in any respect, and I shall give you a practical example. Imagine that you’ll travel to Paris, once you go out of your home, will you are taking a ride via any vehicle and just go to anywhere it can be going? Of route no longer, you recognize that your quit can be in Paris. You will plan the whole lot ahead beginning from what you will be carrying to getting to know approximately transportation, town attractions, etc. Till you attain your vacation spot. So you’ll go inside the instructions which you set for your self in advance. By completing the previous five steps, you planned the road you will be walking in for the rest of your existence till you die in peace for God.

6 – Divide your lifestyles message into large goals

The huge photograph that you painted in the previous steps is your message in existence, and now you need to divide it into huge goals; as an example, in case you want to be an expert translator, you want to grasp your native language similarly to every other language, and mastery of a language requires to weight for training in a training center and taking notes, etc. So you want to have the charge of the education path, and to have the time, etc.

7 – Arrange desires in a descending order from the maximum crucial to the least vital, and learn about what it takes to obtain each one aim Now you’ve got several massive and distinctive goals, and now you have to set up all of these dreams to start with those that you ought to be completed at the present moment, and so forth for the rest of dreams. Then start to learn about what it takes to finalize every purpose with excellence.

8 – Start taking your dreams into action one after the other, each in line with its situations

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Start attaining the primary goal with all of its conditions to gain. Do now not drag your heels, but pass like the wind smoothly and fiercely to reap your aim for God, and ensure that God will help you along the manner. Whenever you are performed with a goal, go for the subsequent one. You can divide the large goal into small stages and finish these degrees one after, and therefore you’ll attain your aim successfully. You can, of course, attain multiple goals on the identical time, however, this calls for you to the right planning of time and robust willpower to complete what you’ve plotting.

9 – On the way, there is probably sideways.

Focus on the goal you want to hit, now not taking note of the street turns and temptations, and understand that before you commenced, you made a decision to go on this adventure for God. So stay focused and you will master your way and you may know each nook and cranny of it. You would possibly find out about shortcuts via asking experienced human beings of a certain situation who attempted the same way before and succeeded and watch out for asking someone who has no enjoy and take his advice. Also, you could are looking for help by studying books about what you need to construct a superb information about your goal and your manner.

10 – Trust God

When you have got a full knowledge of what you need to do, and whilst you learn how to obtain what you want to do, and when you have the goal to begin paintings, believe in God; because God will continually help you, and you may usually in to him. So put your consider in his first and principal, and make your purpose of doing all of the paintings is for God. You will no longer regret that.

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