Best Way to Visit Singapore


Singapore has become a popular tourist destination in the world. It is one of the most visited countries by tourists and is also known as the city-state of Singapore. You can do many things here, from shopping to sightseeing. Singapore is well connected through air, sea, and land transport systems. You will find yourself easily accessible to all parts of the globe via its international airport. How do you get to Singapore? There are different ways to reach Singapore, such as flying or taking an airplane, driving your car or bus, train or boat ride. If you want to travel on foot, you have two options: walking along the road or using public transportation like buses, trains, and taxis.

Best way to visit Singapore

There are several ways to see this beautiful country. Here we’ve listed some of them.

By Airplane

Flying to Singapore is very convenient because you don’t need to worry about traffic jams or long queues at immigration counters. It takes just 2 hours for you to fly to Singapore. The best part is that you won’t spend much time waiting around when you arrive in Singapore. There are direct flights available between major cities in Australia and Europe. You may choose to take a flight to Singapore’s main airport called Changi Airport. Most airlines, such as Cathay Pacific, offer the best flights to passengers so they can enjoy their trip more than ever before. They provide comfortable seats, good food, and entertainment facilities. Some even allow travelers to bring personal items onboard. However, make sure not to carry too much luggage since the check-in baggage limit varies depending on the ticket type.

MRT system.

The best way to visit Singapore is to use the MRT system. This means that you will enjoy traveling and not have to pay any parking fees while visiting this beautiful country. You should know, though, that the MRT does not run 24/7, so make sure that you plan before going out. Also, note that the MRT runs more frequently than usual during peak times. So always check the schedule beforehand. There are several types of trains running throughout the day. These lines connect various places within the island, including Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island, and even Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Another good thing about the MRT is that it’s affordable. MRT has air-conditioned trains which make them comfortable for traveling during hot days. The MRT system also connects all parts of Singapore as there are underground stations at every aspect of the island. So if you want to go from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands, you don’t need to worry about getting lost since these two places are connected through an underground station.

LRT (Light Rail Transit)

Another popular way to travel from Singapore is via LRT lines. There are many different stations throughout the various parts of the metropolitan area. This means that even if traveling outwards towards other city areas, you will still have access to all the sights and attractions associated with the downtown core.LRT operates 24 hours daily and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete one journey. Trains frequently run between 4:30 AM – 12:00 midnight every day, including holidays. They operate at least once per hour during peak times, so it doesn’t pay to wait until later than 6 PM to catch a train. Fares vary depending on how far you’re going and where along the line you need to go.


Traveling by bus is another excellent choice, especially if you plan to explore the island thoroughly. The bus service in Singapore is operated by SMRT, which runs frequent services across the entire island. Fares vary based on distance traveled but generally cost less than most forms of mass transit such as rail or light rail. Bus stops are marked and usually located near major intersections. Buses typically run frequently throughout the day and night. So, no matter what time of the year you decide to come, you should never miss out on any chance of seeing something new. Also, note that the roads might seem crowded but rest assured that everything runs smoothly.

There are three kinds of buses operating in Singapore. They are double-decker buses, single deckers, and mini-buses. Double-decker buses are usually found near malls, and they provide good views of the surrounding area. Single-decker buses are cheaper compared to double-decker buses. Mini-bus services are used mainly by commuters who live far away from their workplace. The bus stations are located in different areas across the island. Woodlands Checkpoint Bus Terminal, Kranji Expressway Bus Interchange, and Jurong Point Integrated Transport Hub. The buses operate to major attractions in Singapore such as Gardens By The Bay, Universal Studios, Night Safari, River Safari, etc.


Taxis are widely available in Singapore. However, it would help to remember that taxi fares vary depending on how busy the roads are. For example, the food increases significantly during rush hour. Taxi drivers often charge extra luggage and passengers under 18 years old. To avoid getting overcharged, ask your driver to show his meter first. Taxi stands are conveniently placed outside malls, hotels, restaurants, and tourists. Taxis are easily identifiable due to their yellow color. : Many scammers are posing as taxi drivers. Always get into an official taxi instead of taking one offered by strangers. Never agree to pick up someone else unless it is necessary. Avoid giving personal information like credit card details to anyone claiming to be a taxi driver. Always agree on a price beforehand. Taxis charge extra fees per passenger. Also, note that taxis cannot enter certain areas of town, including the Marina Bay Sands casino complex.

Car hire

Singapore has two international car rental companies: Avis and Hertz. Both offer competitive rates and excellent customer service. Make sure to bring along all required documents upon arrival. Driving licenses issued outside of Asia might not be accepted here. You can rent cars at Changi Airport or Paya Lebar Airbase. If you want to drive around town, there are plenty of options. It’s advisable to book online because prices change regularly. Always drive on the left.

Driving Tips

If you plan to visit Singapore, you must know some basic things first. First off, traffic jams are common here because everyone wants to arrive at their destination quickly. So always try to avoid rush hour periods. Also, parking spaces are limited and expensive. In addition, street cleaning occurs regularly and sometimes requires lane closures.

By Boat:

Boat rides are great fun, especially if you enjoy water sports. You can hire boats from hawker centers near beaches. These boats are perfect for short trips across man-made islands within the marina.


Singapore is a fantastic place to travel to. With its unique culture, delicious cuisine, and exciting sights, what else could you wish for? Fly into Singapore now to enjoy all these beautiful experiences.

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